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7 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Crawlability (And Why You Should)


While keyword research, link-building, content optimization, and other on-page strategies can improve your domain’s search ranking, search engine optimization (SEO) starts with getting your pages indexed and to do that you need to ensure they’re crawler-friendly. Crawler bots, like human users, appreciate sites which have clear, structured, readable data. However, since crawlers can...

Social Commerce in a nutshell – the next generation of marketing!


In today’s modern world, traditional forms of marketing and commerce are being replaced and overtaken by their digital counterparts. The internet has revolutionized the way that we do business and it has presented us with a plethora of new avenues for sales and revenue. One relatively new type of process we are seeing a surge in is social commerce. This article and infographic aim to describe...

MyThemeShop Authority theme review 2018 : Feature packed SEO optimized template


Authority is one of the best-selling WordPress templates of MyThemeShop. It has a large number of users. It is inspired by design of the website of popular blogger Matthew Woodward. Authority is a responsive WordPress theme that supports customization of almost every element you’ll find on it. It has amazing page speed. It is a premium template with great design and plenty of options...

Coldfusion 9 and IIS


I have been developing in ColdFusion for a while locally using the built in web server. Recently at work several of the projects I am involved with moved to an IIS production server. In order to test fully in my local environment I needed to install IIS and setup ColdFusion to use it as the server instead of its built in version.

Google Pacman


Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde have returned today in the form of Google’s logo to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our much loved electronic friend from the 80s.   There are sure to be a lot of people across the globe reliving their childhood arcade memories.

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