Top 10 Best VScode Extensions

Because of erroneous PHP and Java extensions, I’ve switched from Atom to Microsoft’s VSCode aka Visual Code Editor for...

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Top 4 Best free WordPress migration plugins (2018)

Even though I have a technical background, I was not comfortable in moving my sites during my initial days...

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How to fix logrotate not working problem?

If your app is appending the errors and website visitor’s IP address, browser data, etc to a log file,...

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Top 7 Best web hosting services for 2018

Web hosting is the backbone of a website. It is crucial to the success of a blogger, business, and...

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Best Nginx PHP-FPM MySQL (MariaDB) stack for Windows

I own a laptop which has a dedicated graphics card. I am a developer who prefers using Linux OS....

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The OOM Killer : How to Fix Out of Memory Error in Linux?

Since two weeks, my website was frequently crashing because the MySQL server stopped abruptly at random times of the...

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OOM killer fix out of memory error in linux vps

Fixing MySQL Server Has Gone Away problem

All my websites are hosted on an unmanaged VPS. The VPS has enough of RAM and a decent CPU....

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