Best IDE for PHP Web Development


PHP is a scripting language that powers over some of the busiest websites on the web. Several languages have been introduced since 2005. None of them have affected the popularity of PHP. Before IDEs were launched, seasoned developers and beginners used vi or notepad to write PHP code. Once the code was ready, developers moved the PHP file to the webapps folder of the web server to check whether...

Top 10 Best VScode Extensions


Because of erroneous PHP and Java extensions, I’ve switched from Atom to Microsoft’s VSCode aka Visual Code Editor for writing applications. VSCode is a powerful editor. With the help of some extensions, you can use VSCode as a replacement for RAM hogging Integrated Development Environments. If you’ve just installed VScode and you’re searching for extensions that will...

Top 4 Best free WordPress migration plugins (2018)


Even though I have a technical background, I was not comfortable in moving my sites during my initial days of online career. At that time, 2 of my biggest worries were: Incorrect site configuration can lead to tons of soft 404 or 404 errors. If DNS isn’t configured correctly, search bots and visitors would fail to access my sites. I started my online journey in May 2013. I’ve changed...

How to fix logrotate not working problem?


If your app is appending the errors and website visitor’s IP address, browser data, etc to a log file, you should manually archive old log files or use Logrotate. If you don’t do so, the server will run out of storage memory and your application may crash. Logrotate is a powerful program that archives and removes old log files. It saves heaps of storage memory by automatically...

Top 7 Best web hosting services for 2018


Web hosting is the backbone of a website. It is crucial to the success of a blogger, business, and the website. A poor web hosting firm will have big downtimes. Because of poor infrastructure, the network latency will be high and your site will rank below faster websites in the search engines. Web hosting services are of three types, shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud. The shared hosting plans are...

Best Nginx PHP-FPM MySQL (MariaDB) stack for Windows


I own a laptop which has a dedicated graphics card. I am a developer who prefers using Linux OS. I’ve tried 3 distros of Linux, Mint, Ubuntu, OpenSuse. No matter what version of Linux I use, the OS fails to recognize the AMD graphics card in my laptop and the WiFi connection always drops. I fixed the WiFi issue by upgrading the driver but the GPU installation always fails. Hence, I...

The OOM Killer : How to Fix Out of Memory Error in Linux?


Since two weeks, my website was frequently crashing because the MySQL server stopped abruptly at random times of the day. This issue started when I was on a holiday. My site was down for several hours. I configured crontab to start MySQL server when the service had stopped. This didn’t help. I enabled query cache to reduce the load on the server. I use NGINX Fast CGI cache, APCu, and...

Fixing MySQL Server Has Gone Away problem


All my websites are hosted on an unmanaged VPS. The VPS has enough of RAM and a decent CPU. It can handle ten high traffic blogs. I had never faced any problems until last week when my website started displaying error establishing a database connection to the visitors instead of the content. This error was reported after I changed one of the table’s structure. Why the heck did I change the...

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