Google AMP pros and cons: Should you implement AMP on your website?


After Googleweblight, AMP aka Accelerated Mobile Pages is the new initiative from the search engine giant Google to make the web fast. As of today, over 900K sites are powered by AMP. I’ve used AMP on my site for a month. Below, I’ve shared the Pros and Cons of Google AMP. Pros of Google AMP (Advantages) Easy to implement Google has published a detailed documentation which covers the...

A2 Hosting review: Is it the fastest shared hosting service?


A2 is one of the top 10 hosting companies in the world. The company has been operating since 2001/2002 and it has launched several hosting plans for every budget. As of today, over 10K sites are hosted on A2 servers. A2 offers cloud, VPS, dedicated and shared hosting service. Is it a reliable hosting firm? Are its plans affordable? Is its support staff customer friendly? Let’s find it out...

Blogging vs YouTube (Vlogging): Which is better?


Blogging and Vlogging are two sides of the same coin. Many people employ these two methods to earn money online. In blogging, you start a new website and publish reviews and details of your favorite products, tips, etc. In Vlogging, you ask someone to record your video or if you’re publishing a video tutorial, you use a screen recorder tool to capture the desktop. Below, I have shared a...

Google Fred Update: Hybrid of Google Phantom and Penguin algorithms?


Google has rolled out a new algorithm update on 7th of March. The head of web spam team, Garry Illyes has named the new algorithm as Fred. The Google Fred update has killed the rankings of many websites overnight. It has brought people who were earning good amount of money online to their knees. Since 8th of March, many webmasters have reported that their sites have lost 80 to 90% traffic and...

Site deindexed by Google: Possible reasons why your website is removed


Site deindexed from Google is the worst nightmare for any blogger or business owner. When Google removes your site from its index, your AdSense earnings are down by 70 to 90%. If traffic from social networks to your site is high, you can recover the earnings by becoming an affiliate marketer. If your site doesn’t get good traffic from Facebook, Twitter or any other social site, your website...

HTTP to HTTPS migration: Important thing you should know


According to Google, HTTPS is a ranking signal. If you make your website secure by configuring the web server to deliver HTTPS pages, your site may rank higher than an HTTP only portal. More importantly, web browsers have begun to warn their users of non-secure web pages. The Google Chrome browser (version 56) marks non-https website pages as insecure when they have an HTML field for...

How to set preferred domain correctly in Google Search Console


Setting a preferred domain is one of the most important things to do after launching a new site. It takes few seconds to set a PD. Before setting a preferred domain, you should make sure that Google indexes only the URLS which you want to appear in search results. To do so, you must set up a 301 redirect. A 301 redirect will prevent duplicate content issues. It will tell search engines that they...

How to find and fix thin Content that leads to Google Panda penalty?


If your website is not performing well in the search engines, it is either hit by Google Penguin algorithm or has loads of thin content. If you have built backlinks manually or used a software to do so, it is likely that your website is affected by the real-time Penguin update. Go through the following articles to learn why Penguin algorithm has struck your website. Google Penguin 4.0 Update...

Google Penguin 4.0 update rolled out : Biggest SEO update (2016)


Google has indexed over a billion web pages. It is the largest search engine in the world. Millions of sites depend on traffic from Google to earn revenue. Hence, when engineers working at Google roll out a new update, the SEO experts are excited and equally worried hoping that their or client sites don’t’ lose traffic. A few days back, the head of webspam at Google revealed that the...

Yoast vs SEO framework vs AIO SEO plugins comparision


SEO is not a child’s play. One wrong setting can impact search engine rankings dramatically. Although WordPress is a decade old CMS and powers millions of sites, it is still suffering from various SEO issues. To fix the problem, the must install one of the 100s of SEO plugins available in the WordPress repository. You should not install plugins which have poor ratings and promise plenty of...

Proof : HTTP 500 Internal Server Errors Impact Google Rankings


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that this site was throwing error establishing database connection or internal server errors last week. The issue which was caused by the Linux out of memory manager has now been fixed, and the site is now live 24 x 7. I’m using this server to host some other WordPress websites as well. Fixing the error was a very...

WP Statistics is a Google Analytics alternative for WordPress


Some webmasters are concerned about their online privacy, and they will never use a popular third party analytics tool like Google Search Console, webmaster tools, clicky, StatCounter, and others. To safeguard their website statistics, people use a plugin which will create a database to store data related to websites. One of the best plugin to do this job is WP statistics. The plugin works 24 x 7...

Adding analytics dashboard to WordPress site in a minute


Google Analytics is one of the most valuable free tools for webmasters. With it, you can easily track traffic to your website. Analytics makes you aware of many details like visitor source, average visit time, page views, website loading speed, device, operating system, the browser of the visitor and much more. It is easy to understand the tool. Even new bloggers or website owners will find it...

Biggest Google algorithm update for 2016 is underway


Google Penguin and Panda are two of the most talked about and important algorithm updates in the world of SEO. They are refreshed once or twice a year. Every webmaster keeps an eye on these two updates. Panda algorithm focuses on promoting high-quality content high in the Google search engine. Google Penguin can hit blogs and websites that are not following the webmaster guidelines. Both these...

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