Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger.net Bought and Acquired by Google


As much of a shock as this comes, Darren Rowse has actually sold ProBlogger. In an official press release held on the blog, Darren announces Google had offered to buy the blog and add it to their Blogger line of applications, to which Darren had rightfully accepted.

Darren will continue to work with this other blogs, namely Digital Photography School which he has mentioned overall brings in more traffic and money than ProBlogger. Darren’s also planning on launching a new project Fools Media, and will continue to write for Pro Blogger for the time-being.

Further Details Remain – Why Purchase ProBlogger?

As quoted from the article, “This acquisition will be a part of Google’s extension of the ‘Blogger’ brand and a precursor to their new professional blogging suite of applications.”

It’s not totally clear where Google plans to go with the blog at this point, but I think it’s obvious they wouldn’t be spending money for no reason. Google is full of innovative minds with fresh ideas, and I’m sure that if any company could have bought out ProBlogger that Google is the best choice.

Darren also mentions a new series of posts he’ll be writing entitled “331 days to Build an Even Better Blog”, a follow up to the successful 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. This mean he’ll continue to write at the blog, and continue to work with Google through this acquisition.

I suppose only time can really tell what’s going to happen with the site. It’s been a hub for social media and blogging traffic since the original launch back in the Fall of 2004. Darren will always be one of the brightest and greatest bloggers to hit the internet, but this finally leaves some breathing room in the niche of blogging and making money online.

As to who’s going to step up to fill this void, that’s still to be determined. Mind you I’ll be personally checking up on the blog over the next couple of days out of pure interest, and any breaking news will surely be shared right here on Inside the Webb!

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