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Inside the Webb v3.0 Launches Live!


Version 3.0 of Inside the Webb has finally launched live. Since our last design update in December I’ve been busy at work contemplating how I could take Inside the Webb to the next level. Well it hit me about a week ago, and since then I’ve been tweaking the latest and greatest design launch!

Why is Mashable so Quick to Promote Google Buzz?


Mashable is one huge blog, a very large competitor to Inside the Webb and what I wish we could be someday! They run some amazing articles about social networking, social media, tech news, and everything internet related. They usually have articles hitting the front page of Digg and Delicious, gaining well into 1500+ ReTweets and tons of Stumbles: bottom line, their blog is huge!

Founder of Omegle.com Answers Questions From Redditors


Omegle.com has spread across many social networking hubs, forums, and internet chatrooms rapidly over the past few months. It’s a new site with a very simple concept: you log in anonymously and talk to someone else. Someone random, someone you’ve *probably* never even met before, just talking about whatever. It seems like a breeding ground for spam and pranks, but it ultimately seen...

Listen to Your Music Anywhere with MeCanto


Being able to carry your music library on an iPod or MP3 player has revolutionized how we listen to music. It’s allowed us to bring our favorite songs anywhere we go, keep us busy when waiting on appointments, and share some of our favorite music with friends. However, with MeCanto you can now bring your entire music library anywhere you can get an internet collection – that’s...

Interview with Digg-Clone for Designers DesignBump


Digg was the first social news site to really skyrocket into popularity, gaining millions of pageviews a day to the site. No doubt, there would be similar sites in separate niches on the web. The first of these niche sites in the web design category was Design Float, which has had many issues with databases and keeping the site up and running properly. Therefore, a new competitor has stepped up...

Link Your Social Networking Profiles Together with SocialFollow


Social Follow is a cool new web application that combines all of your other social networking and social bookmarking profiles. I’m sure we all have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and many other profiles around the net. With SocialFollow, you are able to combine all of these profiles into one handy button. These are great for posting to your blog, sharing in your forum sigs...

Flick.to.Twitt – Easily share your Flickr Photos on Twitter


Twitter has become one of the largest web 2.0 applications on the web today, in comparison with Facebook, MySpace, and Digg. Along with this, Flickr has become a giant web app where users can share their photos. However, with the use of Flick.to.Twitt you are now able to post your Flickr photos right to your Twitter account! I have an interview with the site’s founder Marco Almeida, in...

Interview with Task.fm – The world's simplest reminder app


I have recently been scoping out some cool web 2.0 sites to add to my blog for my first interview, and I found my answer lying in the new startup task.fm. This app has only been online for about a week so far, but already has a booming userbase of 1000 regular users and growing daily. Task.fm allows its users to have reminders sent through e-mail, phone, and SMS. The reminders can be entered by...

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