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A new chatroom client has been released on the market, and it runs so smooth I can’t believe it’s not being used elsewhere. Donut Chat is my latest find in the ways of community and boards, and the software runs perfectly. I’m a huge fan of chat rooms, they’re useful as support forums, sharing ideas with friends and business partners… really anything.

Donut Chat is a new piece of software, used both standalone on your own domain (* and also embed-able into web pages. This makes setting up your own Chatroom really simple, and you can choose where you want it hosted and how your community interacts.

However that’s not the end of the features list! The software is also supported by mobile devices, specifically iPhone’s and Android. These smartphones are able to display the boards almost exactly as they are run, and can parse pretty decent on other mobile devices.

What makes Donut Chat stand out is how well their functionality runs. You can add dynamic links right to your posts in-line. You are also able to upload and share images, plus when integrating links from YouTube or Vimeo it’ll generate a dynamic thumbnail from the clip!

Choices of Free vs. Paid Chatrooms

Generally something like this would cost a lot of money, so the fact you are able to set up 2 rooms free is a great idea for Donut Chat’s part. Granted it is only a matter of time before some open-source duplicate of this software is released which will blow up the market, but right now for the prices Donut Chat can offer there’s really no market.

There’s a demo board set up on Donut Chat’s demo sub-domain. I recommend checking it out and giving it a try, it’s pretty useful software even to just embed into a page on your site for a help/support board. You can also check out some demo videos if you’re really interested.

I’m more of a fan running a dynamic IRC chat, but Donut Chat’s intuitive interface and advanced formatting marks allows for a much more dynamic discussion between both native techies and the computer illiterate. What are your thoughts on the chatting software?

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