CSEC 620

Software Piracy on an International Scale

Copyright has become a huge issue and talking point recently with continual legal challenges, the introduction and defeat of...

Apr 20 · 2 min read >
International Software Piracy

3D Printing, Copyright and Legal Matters

During the 1980s the role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons saw the rise in popularity of model or...

Apr 19 · 1 min read >
3D Printing

Regulation vs Innovation

One of the ongoing discussions in the United States focuses on the need for regulation versus the need to...

Apr 6 · 1 min read >
Regulation vs Innovation

Identity Theft and Inexperienced Internet Users

Identity theft has been a growing concern over the last decade.  In recent years it has become a major...

Apr 5 · 2 min read >
Identity Theft

Online Anonymity: Good or Bad?

Anonymity on the Internet provides an important layer of protection for people to express themselves online, while keeping their...

Apr 5 · 1 min read >
Online Anonymity

Financial Sector Cybersecurity Regulations

(Bidgoli, 2006) describes the statutory approach in the United States as being sectorial in nature “because the laws are...

Apr 1 · 3 min read >
Cybersecurity Regulations

Hacktivism, Anonymous, and the Bureau of Justice Statistics

In recent years news stories have highlighted the increasing rate of cybercriminal activity targeting both private organizations and government...

Mar 31 · 9 min read >

Mobile Cybersecurity Policies in the Private and Public Sector

“We are moving into a new era of mobile computing, one that promises greater variety in applications highly improved...

Mar 26 · 10 min read >