Top 7 Best web hosting services for 2018


Web hosting is the backbone of a website. It is crucial to the success of a blogger, business, and the website. A poor web hosting firm will have big downtimes. Because of poor infrastructure, the network latency will be high and your site will rank below faster websites in the search engines. Web hosting services are of three types, shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud. The shared hosting plans are...

One.com hosting review (2018) : 1 year free hosting and domain


One.com is a hosting company founded 14 years back by Jacob Jensen. The firm hosts around a million sites and has branches in various countries. Top brands and experts recommend one.com hosting for its quality service and great uptime of over 99%. Below are the various features the customers of One.com hosting enjoy. Control panel A control panel is a web-based server and website management tool...

EMD SEO and Google : 3 Important things that you should know


Google penalizes spammy EMD sites, but do you know that Exact match domain names can outrank an authority site for a specific keyword? If you don’t know this, you are probably a newbie or an immature SEO professional. Here are the three important things that you should know as a Sear Engine Optimization professional. EMD domains rank I can give 10 good examples that exact match domain names...

Check Website Traffic Free Online with these awesome tools


Almost every website visit you visit uses an analytics tool to track visitors and their activity. Only the organization that own its will have access to the tracking data. The company doesn’t have any reason to make their data public unless they’re generating advertising revenue from the website. Many people using the internet are always curious to know how much traffic does their...

Proof : HTTP 500 Internal Server Errors Impact Google Rankings


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that this site was throwing error establishing database connection or internal server errors last week. The issue which was caused by the Linux out of memory manager has now been fixed, and the site is now live 24 x 7. I’m using this server to host some other WordPress websites as well. Fixing the error was a very...

BigRock Hosting Review, Plans and Coupon code 2018


BigRock is an India web hosting and domain name registration company owned by Directi, a company with excellent infrastructure and revenue more than 300 MN USD. It is one of the best hosting companies in India. Bigrock is the first choice for people who have just begun their online careers by launching a website., thanks to the cheap web hosting plans. Around million users use it. Bigrock is...

WP Statistics is a Google Analytics alternative for WordPress


Some webmasters are concerned about their online privacy, and they will never use a popular third party analytics tool like Google Search Console, webmaster tools, clicky, StatCounter, and others. To safeguard their website statistics, people use a plugin which will create a database to store data related to websites. One of the best plugin to do this job is WP statistics. The plugin works 24 x 7...

Adding analytics dashboard to WordPress site in a minute


Google Analytics is one of the most valuable free tools for webmasters. With it, you can easily track traffic to your website. Analytics makes you aware of many details like visitor source, average visit time, page views, website loading speed, device, operating system, the browser of the visitor and much more. It is easy to understand the tool. Even new bloggers or website owners will find it...

Free and Best SEO tools that every webmaster should use


Search engine optimization aka SEO is one of the most important topics of discussion in the online world. Without following the right guidelines and SEO tips, it will be tough to survive as a blogger or a webmaster. People use search engines and Facebook more than any other website. Promoting a product on Facebook is not free. If you want to do this without any costs, you will have to build a...

Block referrer spam without plugin and Google Analytics filter


In the last few months, my Google Analytics account has started showing a lot of referrer spam sites like SexyAli, free-social-buttons, Semalt, etc. The spammers are screwing up my GA reports. I have some websites. Tho site with 1000s of visitors is not affected but for my new portals, the referrers are causing high bounce rate which makes the report data confusing. Some referrers seem to...

Track adsense clicks and invalid activity easily with these 2 tools


When you own an AdSense account, it’s up to you to safeguard it. Many accounts get banned every day because they take AdSense program lightly. There are two ways you can keep your account safe i.e., avoid clicking on your ads and report invalid activity to Google. The 1st method is easy to follow because you just have to install an ad blocker plugin on your browser. The browser...

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