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FreshWebJobs: A Unique Job Board for Web Designers & Developers


Back a few years ago I used to work full-time freelance web design. It’s a tiring job, and many people who can do it today earn a lot of money working for themselves in the trade. Web professionals are always in demand, but it’s difficult at times to find good web projects. Freshwebjobs.com changes all that with professional listings to pair up webmasters and developers to those...

Interview with Professional Freelance Web Designer Shay Howe


One of the fastest growing professions is website design and web developers, especially with the attraction of working freelance. Many people hate the 9-5 grind induced through corporate America, and having the option to work from home on your own time seems like a much more viable and interesting option to many. Although in the end it may require a bit more work on your end, the ultimate freedom...

Getting Inside Web Design Dev with Creator Michael Dunlop


Michael Dunlop is what you could call an “internet marketer”, making enough money online to provide a livable income since he was in college. Since he has started in internet marketing, Michael has created a slew of websites, one of which is a very popular website design blog. Web Design Dev posts up large collections of lists, tools, tricks, and tutorials to help beginning and...

Interview with Digg-Clone for Designers DesignBump


Digg was the first social news site to really skyrocket into popularity, gaining millions of pageviews a day to the site. No doubt, there would be similar sites in separate niches on the web. The first of these niche sites in the web design category was Design Float, which has had many issues with databases and keeping the site up and running properly. Therefore, a new competitor has stepped up...

Interview with Steven Snell of DesignM.ag


Website Design has become one of the most popular career paths, especially with many teenagers taking entry-level classes in high school, and with so many available resources to learn from. There are tons of web design blogs, galleries, news sites, and much more. However, there are only a select few that actually post up quality content, update frequently, and are run my professional web...

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