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Back a few years ago I used to work full-time freelance web design. It’s a tiring job, and many people who can do it today earn a lot of money working for themselves in the trade. Web professionals are always in demand, but it’s difficult at times to find good web projects. changes all that with professional listings to pair up webmasters and developers to those looking into projects.

The site is designed beautifully, set up so that anyone can get a 30 day listing on a project for only $75. You can set up a project as looking for either a Freelancer or a Full-Time/Part-Time worker. This gives you a lot of freedom when posting a job or project on the site.

The main perk for developers and designers is that to apply for a job is free! E-mail and contact info is included at the bottom of all posts, and there’s full details explaining responsibilities required and what will need to be done. Most of the work can be done from anywhere, although some jobs which require you to be on-site will post locations.

Syndication Feeds: It doesn’t stop There!

Possibly the best thing about Fresh Web Jobs is how well ingrained it is into the web. It’s been online for at least a few years now, and it’s RSS feed is syndicated throughout many different websites.

Mentioned in their blog post about locations, you can find Fresh Web Jobs’ listings on tons and tons of local job boards! Of the listing you can find syndication at Alltop, Mashed Jobs, and Most Hired to name just a few.

This means that when you post a job on the board, it’s spread across multiple networks and gets seen by hundreds, if not thousands of professionals. Fresh Web Jobs is a great board for professional web dev’s looking for work, and it also connects them with professional businessmen and startups interested in web services.

I understand what it’s like to freelance, and I know how many poor clients are out there. I recommend giving FWJ a try, if nothing else you’ll at least have one more resource to check if you ever need to find some work.

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