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Get the Latest on ColdFusion at CFHour


One of the challenges of having a long commute to work is finding new and interesting ways to make the morning and evening drives more interesting. Over the last year I have found the perfect answer by subscribing to podcasts that I am interested in, which have also served to advance my own personal development and education.

FreshWebJobs: A Unique Job Board for Web Designers & Developers


Back a few years ago I used to work full-time freelance web design. It’s a tiring job, and many people who can do it today earn a lot of money working for themselves in the trade. Web professionals are always in demand, but it’s difficult at times to find good web projects. Freshwebjobs.com changes all that with professional listings to pair up webmasters and developers to those...

Interview with ThisWebHost – An Impressive new Web Hosting Company


Finding a decent web hosting company today is difficult. So many companies overprice, can’t keep uptime promises, have horrible support, or offer you barely any space to store your site’s files and content. The few that have shown promise in the past are some of my favorites: Hostgator, Dreamhost, Bluehost, etc. However as I was browsing the web one night (like always) I ran into a...

Interview with Adobe’s Primary Developer of Rich Internet Applications Mark Anders


Mark Anders is a senior principal scientist at Adobe Systems, and one of his core responsibilities is to make Flash the platform for building the next generation of rich internet applications. Prior to Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia, Anders started and led the Flex Builder Team, but he is probably best known for his work at Microsoft, where during a decade-long career he led the creation...

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