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So many premium WordPress themes roam the internet these days, all of varying quality and development. I recently found a really neat Premium WordPress design company WP Monk. They run a very impressive website design, plus their premium themes are impeccable.

I got a great interview with WP Monk’s main developers Ayrton and Dalton. We go over a little bit about their development history and use of WordPress, plus how they create premium themes and where they plan on Growing WP Monk in the coming months. Check out this one-of-a-kind interview, I guarantee there’s some great information here you’ll love to read about. Because hell, I sure know I found enough!

What is the idea behind WPMonk and what products do you offer?

WordPress themes have been done enough times, but they’re also so easily recognizable as a WordPress theme. Our idea was to make quality designs that work with WordPress, but not be so branded towards the WordPress look.

Can you share a little back story behind the site, such as how you got the idea, how it was founded, etc?

I first realized the possibilities of the WordPress theme market when I created a premium theme for a client and it gained quite a bit of popularity, with literally thousands of people asking to download it. Eventually me (Dalton Hurd), and Ayrton De Craene began producing themes to sell exclusively together.

After a while, we realized the potential in creating our own theme store, and it would also satisfy a greater mass of customers this way.

WPMonk Premium Hypowired WordPress Theme

How many people currently work for WPMonk, and what are their main positions at the website?

Currently WPmonk only consists of me (Dalton Hurd) and Ayrton De Craene. While Ayrton codes, I design. It’s a very efficient setup, but we’d like to eventually expand and give work to more coders and designers.

I have to say I really enjoy the site’s design – very web 2.0 look and feel to it. Can you go into the design process a bit, discussing how you came up with the site’s theme and logo?

We wish there was some sort of secret process, but we just went with what was logical, which was to keep it simple and promote the product more than anything. It has done us well, and we’re very proud of the outcome!

What, if any, websites or blogs would you say give you the most inspiration?

I think our competitors influence us quite a bit, but not necessarily on our theme design aspects. We think it’s best to take as little inspiration from WordPress themes as possible, in order to make ours unique.

Do you have any future plans for releasing new themes or updates to WPMonk?

We have plenty of plans to expand on our existing website, such as affiliates, and guest designers. It will be exciting to see how it all pans out!

Where can you see WPMonk going within the next couple of months?

It’s hard to say where we’ll end up in the next few months, as WPmonk is relatively new compared to other theme stores. Although, if our plans go accordingly, it should be an interesting next few months.

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