Ian Carnaghan

  http://www.carnaghan.com I am a software developer and online educator who likes to keep up with all the latest in technology. I also manage cloud infrastructure, continuous monitoring, DevOps processes, security, and continuous integration and deployment. In my spare time I teach undergraduate classes in web development.


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Setting up a Basic Code Pipeline for Static Websites on AWS

AWS offers an immense array of features for deploying and managing complex sites. There are however a lot of use cases where you want...
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JavaScript Arrays – Properties and Methods

We are going to cover some of the most commonly used properties and methods in JavaScript, used for working with arrays. There are a lot...
0 7 min read

JavaScript Arrays – Fundamentals

Earlier we looked at datatypes and variables. Arrays take the concept of a variable or binding one step further and allow us to form...
0 3 min read

JavaScript Scope

Scope determines what variables or bindings are available to JavaScript within its current context. For example, if a variable is defined outside of any...
0 2 min read

JavaScript Call Stack

In earlier lessons, we wrote code without using any functions. Now that you have been introduced to the various ways we can organize our...
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JavaScript Functions

Functions are repeatable blocks of code. They are fundamental to most programming languages and allow you to build applications with reusable code that can...
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JavaScript Loops

Often in programming, we need to carry out similar instructions a number of different times. Loops help reduce redundant code and let you quickly...
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Rapid Reporting and Visualization Development with Watson Analytics

Watson Analytics provides a powerful suite of display and rapid reporting options. This article looks at two distinct datasets from Kaggle, Laptop Price and...
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Using JavaScript Fetch API to Retrieve sample JSON data

A while ago I wrote an article called Using jQuery.AJAX() to Retrieve Sample JSON Data. Since this time I’ve been slowly using more and...
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