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Autoptimize vs Better WordPress minify plugins

Page load times of WordPress CMS powered blogs can decrease if webmasters start using a caching plugin. The two...

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Page load times of WordPress CMS powered blogs can decrease if webmasters start using a caching plugin. The two most widely used plugins for caching are W3TC and WordPress super cache. These 2 plugins create static HTML files from all of your blog posts and it saves these files to the cache folder on a disk.

WordPress saves blog posts in database tables. When a search engine or a visitor requests it via permalink, WordPress loads the post from the database and it renders it as an HTML file.

WP Caching system automates this task and it adds expiry times to the files it caches. Thus instead of firing an SQL query, the caching plugin makes WordPress load your blog posts from the disk. W3TC is pretty good but its CSS and JSS minification can break the site.

Minification can save bandwidth. Thus, it’s a must use features for webmasters who own self-hosted blogs. Anyways, W3TC is an excellent plugin whose minification feature works on some themes and breaks the layout of other sites.

WordPress super cache doesn’t support the minification feature and its caching system is pretty solid. If W3TC breaks your site or of you want to use minification with WP-super cache, you can use Autoptimize or better WordPress Minify plugins.

Better WordPress minify

This is a good plugin to minify CSS and JS files of your site. It allows you to add or exclude files that you don’t want to be minified. Better WP Minify can save the compressed files to any folder of your choice.

The plugin allows you to set the cache age. You can use this plugin to save minified static content to the CDN. If you don’t configure this plugin correctly, it will minify the files that build the WordPress dashboard (wp-admin). I’ve faced this problem on my site. Thus, I’ve stopped using this plugin.

Better WordPress minify


Frankly speaking, this is a better plugin than Better WP Minify. When you open its setting page, Autoptimize will display 5 checkboxes to minify HTML, CSS, JS files, create CSS image sprites, preserve HTML comments.

Autoptimize plugin

To save bandwidth and improve page loading speed (check it here on Google page speed insights), all you have to do its tick mark all the checkboxes and click on the save button.

Autoptimize comes with advanced options that allow you to:

  • Change the place of the compressed files in the HTML code from header to footer or vice versa.
  • Add scripts that you don’t want to be compressed.
  • Inline CSS code.
  • Ignore all the files in the head section of the HTML, etc

Have you used Better WordPress Minify or Autoptimze on your WordPress site? If yes then please share your review on the plugin with us.

Written by Pramod
My name is Pramod. I’m a software developer (with good knowledge on PHP, JAVA – Android, JavaScript, CSS), blogger and online marketing professional. I’ve 3 years of experience as a blogger and 2 years of full time experience as a software developer. Profile

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I am using Better WordPress Minify plugin on my blog and it is quite useful.

Sangam Shrestha

I prefer Better WordPress Minify.. 🙂


Hi Pramod,

I am not sure if you can help. I have tried both of these plugins on my site purely because I was getting this error

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content for google page speed but both plugins break my site and I end up with the blog looking all odd. Large with a white background. Do you have any idea what this is ?




Hi Pramod ,

Does the BETTER WORDPRESS MINIFY also minify HTML output as you mentioned ? I am using it but I don’t find any options to minify the HTML output of my blog.


I use Autoptimize since early 2009 (former Developer stopped support, new developer has picked up new developments).
It is the best minify plugin that enhances speed on WP site

Des Walsh

Unfortunately I’ve had to deactivate Autoptimize on two sites where I had it installed, using Elegant Themes Divi. Not to put too fine a point on it, it borked both sites as follows. Some key images disappeared. Some testimonials I had, using the Divi modules, became unreadable – white text on a dark background became blur on sludge.
From a search on the site I can’t see that anyone has had similar problems.
I appreciate that if I were a coder I might be able to figure out what’s going wrong. But I’m not.
Not impressed.

Margit Cathrine Moller

Hi Pramod,
I hope you can help me as well.
I am brand new to WordPress. Just had help converting my HTML5 to WordPress a week ago. In a |Google speed test the message is that I should ‘Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
Your page has 6 blocking CSS resources’
Now I have absolutely no idea about how to fix that so my question to you is if there is a plugin that can correct this problem?

Margit Cathrine Moller

Thank you for your response. Have since learnt that doing it that was will cause me other problems so I will find another solution.


I have had a right game today with Autoptimise and my site.
When AO is running, my page layout goes wrong on mobile & desktop – but only on woocommerce product and Catagory pages.
Have been communicating with Frank, the developer to resolve but no luck yet. It seems that my “Storevilla Pro” theme has compatibility issues. I tried running without any plugins except woocommerce and the problem still persists. Any thoughts?

I also run with W3TC, CloudFlare and MaxCDN


I had installed AO but after activating it my sites footer breaks. Footers background color goes white. Don’t know how to fix it.


i am using WordPress Minify on my blog and it is very useful.


i am using minify plugin is anything better than it


Thanks for sharing this amazing and informative article.


Bro you should not combine the CSS and JS that is not safe and don’t need in after HTTP/2 multiplex.

Better you inline the CSS, then minify after that:

ranjot singh

I use this plugin on my blog This is a very useful plugin , thanks for sharing this article 🙂

Vikas Sahu

Hi Pramod ,

Does the BETTER WORDPRESS MINIFY also minify HTML output as you mentioned ?

Dev Joshi

You wrote this a very good post. And I had been looking for this for a long time. Thank you for this

Mohit Arora

i use Better WordPress minify plugins from my first day in WordPress and its give me satisfied experience.

Pranjal Nath

nice post