Why Digg’s New Ad System is Gaining Popularity


Digg has always been an extremely innovative company. Launching into the social news bit in 2004, the site has grown immensely popular with monthly pageviews in the tens of millions. Digg’s popularity has allowed for a counter-culture of internet users to become Diggers, voting on the best stories to hit the front page and sent traffic spikes to interesting and useful blogs.

New Digg-Clone Thuhm Updates Design and Added Features


I had written a Review for Thuhm a while back, and have to say I still love the app. It’s a brand new social news website for sharing all kinds of news, and it combines the best features of Reddit and Digg together. Although still just breaking off the ground, Thuhm has a lot to offer it’s readers. Recently there had been a post mentioning new updates on the site, including a new...

Why Digg.com is heading for a Major Pitfall


I remember a time when Digg used to roam wild in the Social News kingdom. It was the force to be reckoned with when it came to internet marketing – everybody needed to hit the front page to gain some traffic to their site. I’m sure tons of blogs have built their popularity off of Digg’s massive traffic influx, but there are many signs pointing towards this site closing the lid.

Kevin Rose’s Failed Microblogging Platform: Where Pownce went Wrong


When Pownce first launched in the summer of 2007, I thought it would revolutionize how I communicated and shared stuff with my friends! By the way Kevin Rose had hyped it, you could share any type of file (music, video, .zip archive), share notes, share photos, really anything you wanted to with your friends! This was an application that was desperately needed on the web, and to this day I still...

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