Jay Adelson Steps Down as CEO of Digg.com


In a recent blog post entitled simply “Update from Jay“, it has been officially announced that Jay Adelson will be stepping down as Digg’s CEO after 5 prosperous and amazing years. Jay has done an amazing job as CEO, and I firmly believe Digg wouldn’t hold it’s current success status today if it wasn’t for his ideas and inspiration.

Although Jay doesn’t state any specific reasons for this choice, he does have virtue and motive to do so. As quoted FTA, “With the new Digg getting ready to launch, Digg Ads doing well, our sales force growing, our hiring ramping, and the company maturing well beyond its startup phase, I feel that now is the right time.”

Kevin Rose, Digg’s Original Founder assumes Chairman

Along with Jay’s update, Kevin Rose has also posted an update in the same blog post. It’s stated that although Jay will be missed, Kevin will be taking the chair position as CEO at Digg and has some exciting ideas for the company’s future.

Kevin also mentions that with the new Digg currently under development and some great ideas in the works, he is confident Digg will be just as prosperous as they venture into the future… if not moreso.

Jay will surely be missed, he was a huge part in Digg’s growth and initial startup investments. He is a bright mind with many ideas to set forth onto the internet and the world we live in, and I’m excited for him to see that his life is now taking a new direction.

As for Digg, only time will tell what we can expect. As Kevin is the original creator of Digg who came up with the idea, I’m sure we can put our faith in him that we can expect some great news and updates in the near future. Digg has only grown since it’s initial release in Autumn 2004, and now almost 6 years later they’re still going strong.

Best of luck to both Jay and Kevin, and I’m excited to see what they both have to offer as internet and business entrepreneurs.

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