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See Academic Papers for a list of articles I have published on this blog through my graduate programs. Below, I have included my completed doctoral dissertation for anyone to enjoy.

An Expeditionary Learning Approach to Effective Curriculum Mapping Formalizing the Process by Exploring a User-Centered Framework

Monarch Academy is an Expeditionary Learning (EL) institution, which utilizes a non-traditional educational model that combines all subjects into semester-long projects known as expeditions. In order to properly track the progress of students and to ensure the school is meeting its educational goals, including alignment with Common Core, a process called curriculum mapping has been implemented informally; however, the process has not been centralized nor is it easily accessible by staff and administrators. Commercial curriculum mapping software was researched by administrators, but none met the unique requirements of EL. This study explores and defines a curriculum mapping solution that meets Monarch Academy’s needs by providing a centralized, accessible, manageable, and user-centered framework.

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