Collection of Photos from Digg’s Office in San Francisco


Digg is undoubtedly the most popular social news website on the internet. Hell, it sort of invented the social news genre itself! Digg has been a huge inspiration to me as a designer and developer, and I have learned so much through Digg’s progression over the years. So I took it upon myself to find a bit more about the site: by digging around Flickr! I found a great collection of office photos inside Digg’s main headquarters in San Francisco, CA, and I’ve posted it up here to share with all my readers.

Digg Main Lobby

Digg Meeting Offices

Digg Sign

Digg 3rd Floor

Digg Bulletin Board

Digg Meeting Room

Digg Work Cubicles

Digg Work

Digg Empty Workspace

Sunny day at Digg

More Digg Work

Digg Kitchen

Digg Empty Hallway

Digg Hard at Work

Digg Wall Mount Logo

Digg Laptop Work

Digg Receptionist - How May I Help You?

Another Digg Workspace. I like the Tiki

Empty Space, Empty Time

Hard at Work

Silly Digg Dog

A Messy Digg Desk

Monument Digg Sign

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