Why Digg.com is heading for a Major Pitfall

I remember a time when Digg used to roam wild in the Social News kingdom. It was the force to be reckoned with when it came to internet marketing – everybody needed to hit the front page to gain some traffic to their site. I’m sure tons of blogs have built their popularity off of Digg’s massive traffic influx, but there are many signs pointing towards this site closing the lid.

Digg used to be a very popular website – I would frequent the site constantly to check out the greatest news, what was popular today, everything. Granted this was back in 2006 when the site was still relatively new, and I’ve been a Digger all way the way through 2008. However recently it seems as though Digg.com is taking a turn for the worst, and may need a lot of help recovering.

Power Users have Taken Control

More and more people are starting to realize how heavily the system is gamed by certain power users – the most common of which is MrBabyMan. Getting an article to the front page of Digg used to mean it was full of good content and interesting to read.

At this point almost anybody can hit the front page if they really want to. There are even some SEO companies which you can pay a fee to have unique diggs on your stories – basically paying to hit the front page of a user-run social news site. Clearly there is something wrong here.

Limitations on Categories and Smaller Niches

I have nothing against Digg per-se and I don’t want to get a bad rap as some Digg-hater, but I can see where the site is going and it’s not anywhere good. Especially with how popular Digg is, they limit all of the stories submitted to just around 50 different categorizes. This method could work well when Digg was smaller, but they needed to scale up months ago and just haven’t followed suit.

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One of my favorite sites to visit is Reddit. Apparently the “rival” of Digg, Reddit shows as an actual source of what is cool on the web. There are smaller Sub-Reddits which are devoted to specific topics, such as Design and Philosophy.

Digg needed to upgrade to this system a while ago when they started getting such a huge influx in users, but now they have so many posts submitted to such a limited range of topics, it’s no wonder the chances of hitting the front page are less than 5%.

Moving Onto the Next Step

Many are asking “Once Digg crashes, where will social news be held?”. A good answer would be on micro-niche sites – especially Pligg based websites. We have already seen this on Design News, and it has worked out quite well.

I even started a Pligg site for bloggers and internet marketers, Blogger Den. So far I’ve seen some decent success, and showcasing all of these great articles is both a hobby and a “job”.

So what is the Future of Digg?

I don’t have any choice closing words here but I will say that Digg is in rough shape. They may come up with some revolutionary idea to save the app – more user interactivity, better categories, anything to break up the power-users clustered together to rule the front page.

Any thoughts on the article? Let me know what you think about the future of Digg and where we can see things heading from here.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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App Sheriff

I used to be a very active Digg user, i used to have digg window always open in my browser. But in the recent years, Digg.com has become very annoying.

Jake Rocheleau

I am glad to see I’m not the only one. I don’t want to hate on Digg or say there’s something wrong with using it, but just the community in general is difficult to work with.
.-= Jake Rocheleau´s last blog ..Interview with Yahoo! Answers Q&A Competitor Blurtit =-.


As a former digg user, it’s sad to see that site go down.

Thankfully there are other sites out there that have gone above and beyond what the digg community ever was like. 🙂
.-= daryl´s last blog ..darylclaudio: Michi Sushi!!!! Nomnomnom =-.


Digg.com seems to be another company that will fall down hard because of the same people who brought them up. “Live by the sword, die by the sword” I suppose.

Wez Pyke

It’s sad to see that Digg is controlled by so called power users. However, I don’t think Digg will die off any time soon because of the number of people using the website and the new people who discover the website every day.

A good read nonetheless.


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Digg used to be one of the sites i would check first thing in the morning. I have not been on Digg for a few months now since i started going to Reddit.
I just hope that Reddit does not go down the same path as Digg.


The main reason I stopped using Digg was because of the quality of the comments, and hence the quality of the users. I just didn’t appreciate all the crap. So I stopped using it.
.-= Gilbert´s last blog ..A Pratical Guide to Using AJAX in Web Apps =-.

Marshall Clark

Any ideas on what could be done to improve Digg?
More granular topics?
Better gaming/vote-mafia detection systems?
Social Graph integration?
Topic-specific authority systems?

Any other ideas – what else?
.-= Marshall Clark´s last blog ..POV: Yahoo Google Search Advertising Partnership =-.


Stumbleupon FTW! No seriously, dude.
.-= Tony´s last blog ..8 iPhone Applications That Help You Blog =-.


Wait… Mrbabyman is still a threat? I thought digg banned him for gaming the system.


“I have nothing against Digg per-say and I don’t want to get a bad wrap as some Digg-hater…”

Time for some writing classes.


‘bad wrap’?

Do yourself a favor: stop wasting your time and ours by blogging your silly opinions on websites like this one if you’re going to write crap like that. Go take a writing class. Practice at home. Read. Write. Re-write. Proofread. Then come back and try your hand at this again.

In our next lesson, we’ll discuss how to do proper research.


so true i submit tons to digg i never ever receive the spotlight i quit i remove them from my blog haven’t affected my hits one bit


How funny. Everyone who agrees with the “author'” explains this either with “I hate digg because it doesn’t tell me what I want to hear”, or “I couldn’t abuse it to get hits on my shitty site”.


Well done – you just made the front page of Digg….

Ian Carnaghan

Haha mad haters coming to this post dude, I can’t believe how many negative comments are here. It’s all good, it’s all publicity so thank you Digg!


Wow did he just say Digg USED to be a very popular website? Digg has done nothing but GROW over the years going from 20 million uniques to 40 million in just a couple years.


It’s not the power users that bug me, it’s the content. During the 2008 election season Digg was drowning in anti-GOP, pro-Obama stories. There was literally no chance of any positive Republican stories on the front page. In essence, Digg was an incredibly slanted “news” source with no balance whatsoever. Now the front page is littered with pop culture stories, internet memes, and a mere smattering of actual news or tech news. Time to head back to Slashdot…
.-= Simon´s last blog ..Up (Video Review) =-.


It’s one thing to make general statements, but if you’re going to name specific Digg users as “gaming the system”, you’d better have proof, or your points are invalid.
.-= Mr.BabyMan´s last blog ..The Drill Down show 123 – Did someone say “Superb Owl?” =-.

Tycoon Blogger

I agree and I stopped using Digg to promote my blog about a year ago. I prefer blog specific digg like sites like blog engage and blogger den.
.-= Tycoon Blogger ´s last blog ..Dramatically improve your blog in one night =-.



And yet he probably has far more attention for his ‘bad’ writing then any thing you have to offer.

I agree with Simon. There is no balance on Digg at all. If your are not a die-hard socialist (I’m a Libertarian) there is nothing there for you. That and celebrity crap, gossip. We have the rest of the web, tv, etc for that …


Thanks. It was easy to understand this material. I am waiting for new information about this theme.


I don’t get it, MrBabyMan or MSaleem have been the part of Digg community for a long time so they know “How it works”, Simple. Taking names won’t get you anywhere.

Secondly, why is everyone after them? or the term “Power Diggers”? Digg doesn’t favor anyone, if they’d game the system, they’d be banned like most of the other power diggers who were a part of the community for a long time.
.-= MoiN´s last blog ..Google Chrome Now Auto Translates Websites =-.


Riddle me this, Mr.BabyMan: why is it that all your submissions to Digg come from stories that hit Reddit 24-48 hours prior? The links are the same, and often your headlines are exactly the same.

What say you?


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i tried but the winds going somewhere. I used social bookmarking instead.


i submit more on Digg for popular only… (: