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Digg has become the popular site for internet marketers and bloggers to aspire to. Digg used to be a popular tech website, where tech enthusiasts and internet lovers could gather to share links. Whichever links got the most “diggs” would hit the front page, generally to recieve a surge of traffic.

Now Digg has been limited recently on what it can do, and it’s popularity has started to drop as community members are finding better places to hang out such as Reddit. Unlike any other social bookmarking site before it, Digg has come up with some very inspirational and intuitive designs for the site. There are many websites online today which mimic Digg’s current or classic design themes, and one of the newest website’s I’ve found to compliment Digg’s design is

I have nothing but good things to say about Thuhm. The design is very intuitive, it’s similar to Reddit’s design as it displays each story in a very simplistic list with a small description, trying to take up the least amount of room possible to fit in many stories on the one page. Along with this style, it’s also incorporating many elements of Digg as a social news site, too.

If you notice that all of the vote arrows – both for stories and comments – are all the popular Digg hands of voting up or down. I find this a genious tactic, as it really displays not only the similar theme to Digg, but also represents the branding of the site very well! After all, the website is called Thuhm.

Inside the Webb Thuhm Profile

Another great feature I found neat about Thuhm is their profile pages. They don’t exactly copy Digg, but a lot of the layout and placement of sections of the profile are similar to classic Digg profile’s. The avatar feature works very well, and it shows you a list of your recent thuhmed stories, too. I did have one issue with the profiles, and that was I wasn’t able to edit my personal info (Name, Website, etc). It is probably a small bug in the system and it’ll be fixed soon, but just a small downside I noticed.

As for the site’s rank and worth itself, seems small now but with a huge potential to grow. Digg has become overcrowded, too many interests on one website so everybody flocks there for the latest news. Digg just can’t serve it all, so right now the most popular websites are actually niched “clones” of Digg. That is to say, a Digg-themed site about Star Wars or Video Games would do very well, as they hold the same values as Digg but aren’t trying to reach to such a wide audience (the entire world, in Digg’s case).

Anyways, Thuhm seems to be doing very well to hold it’s own so far. Alexa Rank stands at around 400k from the date of this post, also a Google PageRank 2 and growing. I have submitted a few articles here, no noticeable increases in traffic but I did get a few wayward visitors who were interested.

I can see Thuhm growing to enourmous standards as an application. I’m looking forward to reading more about this site as it develops, and I do hope they can keep up with the curve as Digg wasn’t able to. Thuhm is new, simple, easy to use, and growing more popular each day! I’ve already registered an account, so if you’re interested head over to and grab an account for yourself, too.

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