EMD SEO and Google : 3 Important things that you should know


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Google penalizes spammy EMD sites, but do you know that Exact match domain names can outrank an authority site for a specific keyword? If you don’t know this, you are probably a newbie or an immature SEO professional. Here are the three important things that you should know as a Sear Engine Optimization professional.

EMD domains rank

I can give 10 good examples that exact match domain names rank high for the keywords. Google starts ranking EMD sites only after a certain time period. The sites using EMD have 100s of polished articles with an average content length of 500 words.

EMD don’t rank unless you work hard

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you must work really hard if you want your site to rank for domain keyword. I stumbled upon a site with interesting website traffic statistics. The domain was ranking for two high traffic and high competition keywords on the 1st page of Google.

The author/owner of the site had published articles on a regular basis for a year. Google loved the site and it pushed the site’s homepage on the 1st search page. For some reasons, the author stopped publishing new content every day.

The blogger published only 2 to 3 articles every month to make sure that Google doesn’t consider the site dead. Google kept the homepage ranking of the site unchanged.

The blogger still makes plenty of money from the EMD site even if he is not sharing new posts every day. The keywords in the domain name bring 3000 to 4000 UV per day to the site. The visitors are from English countries. The site’s primary source of income is Google AdSense.

EMD age doesn’t matter

If you are an owner of an exact match domain name and if you’re publishing articles or adding new pages to the site, the domain is of no use. No matter how many years you keep the EMD, Google will never rank it.

Conclusion: Guys, don’t get excited when you find a domain name with good keywords. Unless you work your a** off, the domain will not be of any use. So, before you plan to buy an EMD, you should be ready to give 100% effort in writing articles, focusing on user engagement, etc.

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