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GoDaddy review: A web hosting and domain registration company


Godaddy is one of the top domain registrars and hosting companies of the world. It has over 500K customers. I’m one of the customers of Godaddy. I’ve been using its email hosting and domain registration service for 5 years. Here’s my review of the company. List of GoDaddy services that I use Domain names Premium email address Domain names Godaddy website is user-friendly. It...

Where to buy AI domain for the best price?


The AI domain extension was launched in 1994/1995 for the use of companies and individuals based in a Carribean country Anguilla. Google, the world’s largest search engine doesn’t display the information of Anguilla when you enter the search phrase as “AI”. Even Bing displays Artificial Intelligence search results for the search phrase “AI”. In computer...

EMD SEO and Google : 3 Important things that you should know


Google penalizes spammy EMD sites, but do you know that Exact match domain names can outrank an authority site for a specific keyword? If you don’t know this, you are probably a newbie or an immature SEO professional. Here are the three important things that you should know as a Sear Engine Optimization professional. EMD domains rank I can give 10 good examples that exact match domain names...

Namecheap Review 2018: Cheap SSL certificates and domains


Last week, I was thinking about registering a new domain name for my new project. My first choice was GoDaddy. I had shortlisted a few TLDs from GoDaddy, but I was not able to buy a domain name for less than 10$. GoDaddy runs a promotion wherein new customers can register a TLD for USD 0.99. I’ve been using GoDaddy for three years. Hence, I was not eligible for this offer. I...

Tips to register a new profitable top level domain name


Registering a domain name is one of the most important activities of a person who wants to make an online career. But managing it and setting up a hosting service can be tricky. Name of a domain should be chosen wisely on the basis of below criteria. Keywords: A DN should have one or 2 keywords that will kelp users understand what your blog/site is all about. The keywords should not contain the...

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