Best AdSense alternatives to earn dollars not cents (2018)


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AdSense is a great platform for making money online. But getting approved for it or having a five or six figure AdSense revenue is a difficult task. People have a misunderstanding that GA is the only advertiser with which they can make them rich. They are wrong.

Nothing is predictable in the world of internet. Hence, you should always try out different strategies for maximizing revenue from the blog.

There are many methods of monetizing a website. This is what I have learned from my 3 years of experience as a blogger. People make a mistake by depending only on AdSense aka a single source for their earnings. They don’t experiment with other monetization programs aka AdSense alternatives.

Some people read blog posts on “best AdSense alternatives” and signup for low paying ad networks. They don’t know that the post has a referral link. When the user clicks on the link and starts using the ad networks, the blogger who has recommended the network will earn a referral fee. Have you seen the website that suggests AdSense alternatives using the ad networks they recommend? The answer is no. Don’t be a fool and trust no one.

The only high paying AdSense alternatives are mentioned below.

Best AdSense alternatives for 2017

Affiliate programs

Want to earn handsome money online? Apply for affiliate programs.

Do you know? Some affiliate networks pay you over 100 USD for a single lead. The max AdSense CPC that I have heard of is $50.

The best thing about affiliate sites is that they don’t have any minimum traffic requirement. They make payments on time. Unlike AdSense, they are suitable for low traffic sites.

Always apply for an affiliate program which is of your website‘s primary topic. For example, Amazon Associates is the best option for a tech blog.

Bluehost, Hostgator are two of the highest paying affiliate networks. They are suitable for website that shares content on website development.

I will not recommend users to sign-up for in-text advertising programs because they are not high paying. Unless you have a website with over 10000+ unique visitors per day, you will never earn more than 100 USD with in-text ads.

Banner Advertising

Companies are always in search for blogs and websites that are ready to place their banner ads. The firms, in return, will pay you as per your website traffic.

Once you have found an advertiser, you these Google AdSense plugins to insert ads in the blog post and pages. Place ads wisely to impress the firm. Doing so will help you in building a good relationship with the company.

Your site should have many visitors else companies will not contact you or buy ad slots on your site.

Paid Reviews

Product development organizations will use SEO tools to find websites with high page rank, domain authority, Alexa rank, and page authority sites. The companies will offer license code in return. You can ask the staff member to pay you money instead of providing free stuff.

Reasons to use AdSense alternatives

One day, the traffic to your website may plummet. If your site has a low traffic, you will earn a few cents per click. The CPM rates will also be low.

Imagine that Google bans your AdSense account because of invalid click activity or breaking its TOS and GA is the only source of income for you. What will you do? Quit blogging? Using Google AdSense alternatives ensures that your bank account will have many income streams. So, if Google has banned your AdSense account, money will keep flowing in.

In my perspective, the best quote from Warren Buffet is “One should never depend on a single source of income”. If you understand the meaning of this quote, then you are on the right track.

Affiliate networks, direct advertising, and paid reviews are the best Google AdSense alternatives for 2017. Don’t signup for Advertisement networks you have never heard of. Doing so will give you nightmares and cents as ad revenue.

Learn affiliate marketing. If you master it, you will make twice/three more money online than your competitors using AdSense.

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