Why is Mashable so Quick to Promote Google Buzz?

Mashable is one huge blog, a very large competitor to Inside the Webb and what I wish we could be someday! They run some amazing articles about social networking, social media, tech news, and everything internet related. They usually have articles hitting the front page of Digg and Delicious, gaining well into 1500+ ReTweets and tons of Stumbles: bottom line, their blog is huge!

What I’ve noticed recently is how much they’re started to endorse Google Buzz. Now this isn’t anything new, as Buzz has blown up since it first launched a few weeks ago. My question is why is Mashable jumping on the bandwagon so fast? Clearly they have some good content for it, but is there really a future for Buzz?

Why Hit the Bandwagon so Hard Right Away?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing this article to bash Mashable at all. Quite the opposite – I’m interested in their business strategies! I find their blog to be one of the most popular, if not the most popular social media blog on the web today. As soon as Google Buzz announced their launch in February, Mashable has added small Buzz widgets to most articles.

I found this really weird, as most people really aren’t even using Buzz yet. I know a few people online who are trying to use Buzz for promotion, but none of my friends are on it. Hell, most of my friends don’t even know what it is!

So why make all of this fuss? As you can see from the screenshot above, Mashable is running Buzz widgets on most posts. But along with that, they’ve also created a Buzz group and have it advertised all over the header of the page. This isn’t a bother at all, but does anybody really use Google’s Buzz?

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First Big into Social Networking means Less Competition

I have figured it relates to competition. If Mashable has such a huge audience, maybe by promoting Google’s Buzz they can draw more and more people to use it. This would mean that not only would they have more fans through Buzz, but more people would start sharing their articles through the service as well. This would allow them to dominate many aspects of the network, and I’m sure Google must be taking notice.

I can only speculate where it would go from here. I don’t think Google is paying Mashable in any way to run these blocks and profile links, not their style. But Buzz really has started to take off in such a short time, and with Mashable backing the service there’s very small chance of failure. Whatever the outcome, I wish Google the best of luck with the new service. Whenever I have some free time I do plan on sitting down and giving it a try – it could be the next big web app!

What are your thoughts on the matter? Am I reading too deeply into this, or is Mashable really trying to grow Google Buzz’s popularity with their immense fanbase of internet users? Let me know, we have a comments section.

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Mark Wood

I actually noticed this, and wondered the same thing. If Google Buzz actually thinks they can take over for Facebook / Twitter, I think they need to re-evaluate. While Google products seem to grow legs and take off, I’m still skeptical about Buzz.

Mashable is already huge on Twitter. I wouldn’t think they would be so quick to spread out onto yet another social media platform. Then again, being so large, there are probably plenty of users to spread around.
.-= Mark Wood´s last blog ..Day 53 – Milkers Hanging =-.

Ian Carnaghan

I don’t even really think Google Buzz was trying to take over Facebook. I think they were trying to make another Facebook that you can tie into your Google account, which I never really use!


I was wondering about this myself. Going over to mashable and Buzz was just everywhere! I honestly think it’s a great move on Masahable’s part.

a. if people are already using Buzz, mashable shows that they’re ready to cater to that community

b. if people weren’t using Buzz already, it’ll create an interest in the service and it’ll get them more page views as Buzz has the ‘auto connect with other users’ system. That shouldn’t hurt.

Pete Cashmore

Hey Jake,

We think Mashable thrives because of its community, and hence we leap on opportunities for people to have conversations about social media and our stories. Buzz seems like another great venue to do that.

The aim is really to give people more options to be engaged – it possibly means less people visit our site, but there’s more conversation as a whole.
.-= Pete Cashmore´s last blog ..Send Coupons to Almost Any Cell Phone With MixMobi =-.

Anthony Licari

Buzz gives Mashable and anyone else who uses it access to fringe readers who might not use Twitter or these other trendy services. As for its usability, Buzz is way too convoluted for use by the casual Google user who has no idea what’s going on. It seems like it’s trying to hard, like some Microsoft product released out of fear to stay with the times rather than be a solid stand alone product. They certainly won’t be hurt by using Buzz and their advertisements might end up getting a few more clicks but all in all I don’t see… Read more »

Dana @ Blogging Update

One of the benefit that mashable directly get is this post — you write about them because they so quick to promote Google Buzz. And if i am correct, there are many blogger write about related article around the blogosphere — and many of them give back link to mashable. 😀
.-= Dana @ Blogging Update´s last blog ..Get Your Tw2Buzz Code Invitation =-.

John McDonnell

Right now Google Buzz doesn’t seem like it offers anything new in the world of social networking, but Google is such a strong presence on the Internet, I wouldn’t count them out. They don’t make too many mistakes, and I think Buzz will take off and become a major player before too long.
.-= John McDonnell´s last blog ..Watch TV Series Online =-.


I haven’t jumped on the Google Buzz bandwagon mainly because it’s already time-consuming to be using Twitter and Facebook. Now, here comes the new guy, Google Buzz. Sorry, Google. I just don’t have the time. With all these social media buttons, it’s getting rather crowded on blog posts. You got Digg, stumbleupon, reddit, twitter, fb, delicious, technorati, mixx, alltop, …. The list goes on and on. I wish there was just a universal social news site that everyone used instead. Would make life soo much easier. Holy cow! Pete Cashmore commented on this post!#@$ .-= Tony´s last blog ..6 Awesome… Read more »


With Buzz you get feedback! Pure and Simple! I love it, glad Mashables on it!


Interestingly enough, within the past 5-10 minutes, I have went from reading techcrunch to mashable, logged into twitter, clicked on the Designer Depot re-tweeted link of this article, read the article, followed you on twitter, and added posts to all facebook pages I manage. I think it’s pretty damn cool how connected the web is today. To me, Google buzz is just another option to share information and stay connected.

Murtaza Imran

Haha good observation!

But since Mashable is the one of the first to announce such technologies + they call themselves social media guide..

I think they are doing their job pretty well delivering their USP!

So i wouldnt be bothered if they are into google buzz.. if you also notice.. the amount of buzz on each article it has!


“Quite the opposite – I’m interested in their business strategies!”

I think it’s not even a strategy. Mashable simply tried the new Google feature.. this buzzy thing. And its crowd did its job.

Mashable is so huge, so social and fast, that any button on the visible place could get those results.
.-= iWoodpecker´s last blog ..22 Blogs Accepting Guest Posts: Only the Best Ones =-.

Gail from GrowMap

Google Buzz is a VERY obvious knock-off of the once popular FriendFeed. The main reason many will jump on the Buzz bandwagon is because it is Google. And that is one of the main reasons I won’t. Think about this. Facebook buys FriendFeed and Google ends up rolling out something that looks just like it. Doesn’t that seem to indicate something to anyone else? Monopolies are dangerous and belief in illusionary competition is for the naive. Anyone thinking person who doesn’t clearly understand WHY can research it or ask me. I would be happy to explain no matter how many… Read more »

Rosanne Bersten

I’m wondering a similar thing… I was surprised when Mashable failed to cover the dismay over the privacy implications of Google Buzz adequately (nothing on the Twitter feed, article delayed and not high on the list on the site while all the “how-to Buzz” articles continued to be highlighted) and then today’s update has large tracts of how to use Google mail as business mail and how to use Google docs. I found your site by searching for “does Google own Mashable?” because I’m starting to wonder what the business relationship is. I guess some transparency is important for me… Read more »