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Ever since I found out about Grooveshark a few months ago, it’s revolutionized the way I listen to music. No longer am I stuck with my iTunes playlists and limitions on songs – nor do I even need to store the songs on my computer!

Grooveshark allows you to upload any and all mp3 files you have right to their database. You can also search for songs already uploaded and add them to your library. This allows you to share music through the internet with tons and tons of people, compiling a huge on-the-go music library.

The features in the web app are endless, creating playlists and favorites are just the start of it. Following the path of Pandora, Grooveshark also has the a Radio button which will add live music to your playlist based on what other songs you’re playing. Truly a magnificent application, I can say Grooveshark may be the next big web 2.0 hit for music fans.

Grooveshark, at it’s core, is a solid Application

There are no real flaws in Grooveshark. Granted it is still running through beta (I would assume), and since the entire app is built in Flash I can’t say I haven’t run into small bugs here and there. But the team is diligently working on new features to add to the site, and every once in a while they’ll roll out something new and fresh for users to check out.

Very recently the team updated how music searches work, which makes finding the right kind of music a breeze. They also updated the UI so songs are easier to add to your playlist, add to your library, and really do anything you wish!

The huge benefit of Grooveshark is allowing normal users to upload music. I have to say I’ve added my fair share of songs on there just so I have them in my library, and I hope I’ve helped others who were looking for the songs I’ve added. This is the social networking aspect of Grooveshark, and it’s a killer idea.

What’s this about a VIP Account?

Grooveshark has what they call Grooveshark VIP. This allows you to experience the app in a much more pleasurable fashion. Ads are removed, you have more skins to choose from, you can test out new features before they’re even released AND you can even test run the new Grooveshark Desktop app.

Grooveshark VIP Access

I haven’t partaken in the $3/month or $30/year deals yet, but I may have to if I continue using the app as much as I do. I find that helping out smaller applications while they grow isn’t really a bad thing, and for only $3 bucks a month the benefits are well worth it.

Grooveshark Keeps Music free and Enjoyed by all

The biggest benefit to using Grooveshark is how open and free everything is. Everybody shares their music with everybody else, you can stream and test out songs right there from the application. Grooveshark even lets you download a ringtone if available, plus share on popular social networking sites like Facebook.

I have almost completely replaced my iTunes use with Grooveshark. There are some off days where some songs just won’t buffer, so I’ll get frustrated and listen to the MP3’s I have on my computer. But as their service grows and they can handle more traffic, I can honestly say Grooveshark just may revolutionize the way we listen to music – and where!

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