Google Releases Official Buzz Share Widget with Live Counter

Google has recently released the beginning of a small API working with Google Buzz. There have been plenty of issues with Google Buzz’s widget, and many other sites made their own to fill the gap. However with this newest release even Mashable has updated their Buzz widgets.

The new button looks similar to many of the other counter-style widgets we’ve seen. It’s got the Buzz logo with a live count in the main circle, and there’s also a smaller more compressed version similar to Facebook’s share widget. You can customize your site and your button from the Official Buzz API page, where you can choose from follow buttons or share widgets.

It’s an even simpler widget because you don’t need any special edits for WordPress or Blogger blogs. Google automatically grabs the URL and uses that to share the story, which works perfectly with the widget. There’s also a new Buzz posting screen to share your links, and this is much simpler than trying to use Reader or Gmail.

Overall this is just the start of an amazing API for Buzz. I’m excited to see where this is going to go, but for now just having these buttons is more than enoug (thanks, Google!). We’ve switched our buttons on Inside the Webb over from NJuice to Google’s new buttons, so given some time let’s see how they perform.

Any other thoughts on where Google Buzz is going, including their API or any future advancements? I want to know your opinions on Google’s latest networking technology.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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