Pligg Social News CMS Releases Official 1.0.4 Upgrade


The popular Digg-clone script Pligg has released their latest version as of today, stable release 1.0.4. There are a lot of new features from 1.0.3a and 1.0.3b releases of the CMS script, which have fixed a lot of security issues and bugs in the code.

The Pligg developers have also released a set of new modules, while also removing some of the older modules from the default download. New module hooks, which are used to place modules throughout Pligg’s templating system, have also been added and are currently in use for the latest stable release.

Many users of the Pligg CMS may not even notice a difference, although there are quite a few changes. On the Pligg forums developer Yankidank has released the official update logs for 1.0.4’s release, which count down the changes and updates in each file.

Upgraded Spam Defense Features

Among the most exciting updates are fixes for the user spam system. Pligg has a built-in system to guard against spam where you can “killspam” users who are continually spamming or commenting with poor quality links just to gain backlinks and traffic. Once you killspam a user now, they are sent into a new group titled “spammer”, as opposed to the other 3 defaults of member, admin, and God.

This also deletes all stories and comments submitted by the users, and also redirects their profile pages to a 404 error message. Along with all of this, Pligg also bans their IP from registering for another account and logs them in a blacklist. Clearly this is a huge step forward in Pligg’s development, and 1.0.4’s stable release is just one notch forward for Pligg to be considered as a serious CMS for many websites.

I’ve been beta testing the script since the updates were released a few weeks ago, and I love the updated admin panels and portions of code. The module management page was so difficult to work with before, but with the newest release it’s made a lot more user-friendly for even beginning Pligg users.

If you’re considering starting your own Digg-clone site, now would be a great time to hop on the Pligg bandwagon. There are currently tens of thousands of Pligg installations all across the web, and it’s a platform which is growing each and every day as an open-source PHP script controlled heavily by the members in the Pligg community.

You can check out Pligg’s official blog post about the release here. Alternatively you can also find out a bit more about Pligg to see why everyone and their grandmother is hopping onto this *relatively* new but promising CMS!

Edits: Pligg also Plassed 50,000 Members last week!

I was re-reading Pligg’s inital blog post, and it turns out the Pligg CMS has over 50k registered users! This is huge news as I’m a huge fan of the CMS, and I plan to be a huge part of it’s potential growth in the near future.

Another cause for celebration is that last week we passed the 50,000 member mark at It’s great to see our community grow, and this major milestone means a lot to us. If you are using Pligg CMS for a project and you enjoy it, please take a moment to recommend it to a friend so that we can continue to grow.

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