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You don’t find many great social news websites these days. You know, the kind that let you vote on stories and the most popular hit the front page? Digg and Reddit are still pretty good, and there are a few nice Pligg sites out there but overall not too many.

Well a few months ago I ran into an amazing site, Tip’ Based on the Pligg CMS, it runs similar to Digg but for social news on finances. Average front-page stories hit anywhere from 10-14 votes, which shows just how active the community really is.

However it doesn’t just stop there. The template design for the site is amazing, with everything appearing just as it should. The placement of advertisements and sidebar modules is perfect, while also considering how they developed such a great Pligg template.

I’ve designed websites before and I do have to admin, the design blew me away at first. The voting blocks and layout of the stories are also extremely unique, which gives Tip’d a solid brand in the social news market.

Google AdSense is also seen around the site, so as you can imagine I’m sure there is some decent revenue coming in through there. Running a site on investments and finances, you can expect a very decent CPC as well. I’m very supportive of the startup and I’d love to see how quickly the site can grow!

If you want to check out the site, you can grab it at As most other social media websites, you can also check out their Twitter @tipd. Share some feedback on the site, I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

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