Find Popular and Useful Websites Easily with TopSite

Ever find yourself wondering “how can I find the best blogs on the web, or the best social media apps for rating food or movies”? Well look no further, your web search engine is here! When your trust pal Google has failed you, I recommend giving TopSite a shot. It’s a social search engine which tracks down the top 10 most popular websites based on a keyword.

This is a much handier app than many would like to admit. Granted it is pretty simplistic, typing in video will find YouTube and Vimeo, and “search” will bring up Google and Yahoo! as top sites. It’s when you start getting into micro-niche sites that you can find the really great results. Keywords focusing on gaming, or even more specifically types of games like Super Nintendo or Final Fantasy.

This little app is one handy bugger, and the design is so simple it all works so well. The results page is also very easy to navigate, allowing users to vote up useful results and vote for the top displayed story. This allows for TopSites to not just be a search engine for websites, but a social web search in which the most popular sites are actually rated by the users.

Although still in beta, the idea has shot up and is really growing with each passing day. I can see how an app like TopSites can catch on very quickly, and how many benefits it imposes on the internet and cyber-culture world.

And as if the website wasn’t enough, TopSites also runs a small Firefox Toolbar. Fits right into your browser header and runs perfectly in the background – it’s a web search whenever you need it! What are your thoughts on this new web applications? Does it have any potential for growth into the future?

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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