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I love social media, I’ll get that off my chest right now. There are so many new and innovative websites popping up each and every day which take the idea of social networking and spin it around with some new features and a new look, then present it to you in a clean and elegant way. Well is certainly one of those sites, and the idea is spreading fast.

Built off the Pligg CMS, is a new social networking application which I can only describe as a combination of a small forum board with social news and networking designs. You can register for free, and once you do you can submit questions or discussion topics to the site. There are also small “Like” and “Dislike” buttons on the side to rate the highest-quality discussions.

Basic and Useful Features

As a heavily customized site, runs exactly as you’d imagine it. The site’s graphics are simple and easy to figure out, there aren’t any ads at all *yet* and it’s super easy to navigate around from page to page.

Articles you submit aren’t really articles or links, but text-based submissions. This allows for more of a community discussion board than a social news app, which I’m a huge fan of. Users can submit comments with a small description, and if it’s good you’ll be allowed to like the story and vote it up.

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From there you can also leave comments on it, critique the authors question, or really whatever you’d like. The user profiles are also really neat. The designs are simplistic and carry over the site’s look and feel throughout each page. Tons of information you can share (or not share) with the members of, and it’s easier than ever to connect with like-minded people and share your ideas.

A Bright Future for this Small Application

Just noticing that the site is built off Pligg is a huge undertaking, they’ve heavily customized the backend and frontend to behave in a way unique to the site. It must have taken a hell of a lot of work, but as the site is growing I’m sure it’ll pay off very soon.

There aren’t many active members at the time of this post, but I can tell the site is growing rapidly with an ever-expanding userbase, and this could be the next fun web app used to just kill some time or discuss anything discussion-worthy. Check out the site, let me know what you think!

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[…] Follow this link: – New and Innovative Social News/Discussion Community … […]

Micki Forgy

The most popular is simply Justin Bieber, he is so adorable!


The site got bought..then it died..and now its coming back so join and help rebuild the community 😀


[…] Ich liebe soziale Medien, werde ich mir vom Herzen, dass gerade jetzt bekommen. Es gibt so viele neue und innovative Websites tauchen jeden Tag, die die Idee der sozialen Vernetzung zu nehmen und es drehen mit einigen neuen Features und einem neuen Look, dann präsentieren sie Ihnen in einem sauberen und eleganten [. . . ] URL des Original-Artikel […]

Senator Catharine Young
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