Aptana acquired by Appcelerator

Aptana, the company behind the popular programming Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Aptana Studio, announced today that they have been acquired by Appcelerator. Aptana has been the choice for many web development professionals for quite some time. It is an advanced open source programming environment built on the very well established Eclipse platform that has advanced greatly in recent years. Their IDE provides advanced functionality for developing HTML, CSS and Javascript applications with enhanced code-assist features and extensive debugging. It supports Javascript libraries as well as the many plugins available for Eclipse. More recently the Aptana code contributed to Adobe’s new ColdFusion builder IDE released last year.

Appcelerator is an industry leader in cross-platform development with tens of millions of users and over 10,000 applications. Their Titanium Mobile suite is a professional set of tools that can be used to develop native iPhone , Android and desktop applications. What makes Titanium different from other development platforms is its ability to cross-compile or convert standard web code including HTML, JavaScript and CSS to the native code used by these mobile devices. Essentially this means that any web developer can begin programming apps for mobile devices without having to learn a new language.

The acquisition means that the entire Aptana Studio team has joined Appcelerator and according to the announcement, the acquisition “moves the company to the next level by extending the capabilities of Appcelerator’s popular development platform to include world-class development tools that significantly improve developer productivity, integration and cloud connectivity.” They are committed to continuing to provide enterprise-grade development tools that include client and server site development. In addition, Aptana 3 is on schedule for release during the first quarter of this year.

As mobile development continues to grow, application development tools are becoming more advanced. Cross-compiling, which is the ability to write an application one time and deploy it over many different mobile and desktop platforms has opened the door to rapid, cost efficient software development. Applications like Titanium will continue to cater for this need and their partnership with the existing Aptana web community will help bring these tools to more developers.  For more information on the acquisition, be sure to visit Aptana,org.

Image Credits: Photo by Francesco De Tommaso on Unsplash.

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