How to import Evolution Mail from Linux to Thunderbird using Windows Vista


If you were using Evolution Mail using Linux, in our case the Ubuntu distribution and need to switch over to Windows Vista  using Mozilla Thunderbird and need to import your Evolution mailbox to your Thunderbird mailbox. NOTE: Linux distribution used Ubuntu (May differ from other distributions) Follow these steps below to import your mail successfully. STEP 1 In Linux, locate the home directory...

E-mail Address requirements


The following are the requirements for an e-mail address: An e-mail address consists of local part and domain separated by an at sign (@) character. The local part may consist of alphabetic and numeric characters, and the following characters: !, #, $, %, &, ‘, *, +, -, /, =, ?, ^, _, `, {, |, } and ~, possibly with dot separators (.), inside, but not at the start, end or next to...

How to migrate from Thunderbird to Evolution Mail together with all folders and sub folders all at once


NOTE: This tutorial is aimed at Ubuntu users. Open the home directory Select you’re username Press CTRL+H together to reveal hidden files and folders and locate .mozilla-thunderbird and .evolution Copy everything from ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/zyx.default/Mail into~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox.sbd/  NOTE: Copy only the .mbox files and delete.msf files. Restart Evolution Mail and all...

How to send a message in plain text with Outlook Express or Windows Mail


Open Outlook Express (Start->All Programs->Outlook Express) Once Outlook Express is open click on Create Mail A new message will open up At the menu click on Format->Plain Text (To create a plain text message or to format the current mail to be plain text) A warning will popup just click on ‘OK‘ Now your message will be send using the Plain Text format NOTE: To send mail...

How to backup and restore mails in Evolution


BACKUP Open Evolution Click on File and then Backup Settings Choose a destination where you wish to save the backup file and give the file a name Click on SAVE A popup window will appear asking you if you are sure to close Evolution since the backup process can only start if Evolution is not running. If you wish to restart Evolution after backup check the checkbox next to “Restart Evolution...

How to configure a Gmail account with Evolution Mail using POP3 and SMTP


Login to the Gmail website.  Once logged in, click on Settings Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab Make sure that POP is enabled in the POP Download section Once POP downloading has been enabled or was already enabled exit the Gmailwebsite Open Evolution Mail Click on Edit and then on Preferences Click on Add Click on Forward Enter your Full Name, your Gmail email address and all Optional...

How to increase Server Timeouts in Microsoft Outlook 2007


Once Microsoft Outlook 2007 is running click on the Tools menu item Under the Tools menu item click on the menu that is labeled Account Settings Now a list of email accounts will be listed, double click on the email account on which you need to adjust the Server Timeout Click on the More Settings button then on the Advanced Tab Now a section labeled Server Timeouts will appear. Adjust...

How to setup a POP3 email account in Microsoft Outlook 2007


NOTE: Webmail is South Africa’s free email service, a Free email account can be obtained by visiting  Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 and click on Tools->Account Settings   In the Account Settings screen click on the New button under the E-mail tab   Select Microsof Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP and click on Next   Check the check box next to Manually configure server settings...

Can’t delete mail in my Trash folder in Evolution mail, get error “Summary and Folder mismatch”


First create a backup of your mail using Evolution by clicking on File->Backup Settings “This step is vitally important to prevent data loss” By using your file browser browse to the following directory/home/YOURUSERNAME/.evolution/mail/local Once in the local folder delete all files with the following extensions. .index .cmeta .ev-summary Very important to not delete the files...

How to add an Alias on your email account


Login to using your Username and Password

Then click on Settings and then on Profiles

Then under the Aliases section type in your Alias “you do not need to enter“ and click on the Add Alias button

After you clicked on the Add Alias button your new Alias will appear under theAliases Section and Emails can be sent to your new Alias Address

How to send a free South African SMS using


You first need to create a new email account by clicking on the register link under the login box
After you’ve created the account you need to login into

Now on the top right corner you will see a icon with the title free sms, click on it

Now type in the recipients number and the desired message to send and click on Send SMS

How to hide deleted message in your Inbox after deletion


If you delete your emails within your inbox and they are still there only with a strikedthrough it means that the messages have been deleted but it’s not hidden in your Inbox To solve this login to using your Username and Password Then click on Settings and then on Options Then under General Options check the checkbox next to Hide deleted messages and click on update to save...

How to increase the Server Timeouts in MS Outlook 2007


Open Microsoft Outlook 2007
Click on the Tools Menu
Within the Tools menu, click on the Account Settings menu item
Double click on the prefered E-Mail Account where the timeout needs to be increased
Click on the More Settings button
Click on the Advanced Tab
Move the Server Timeouts slider to Long
Click OK and then Next and Finish
Restart Microsoft Outlook 2007

How to check if a Email address exist or not using the command line


In this example we will test for the Email address [email protected], replace the gmail Email address with the email address you want to test Open the command line/command promt and type in the following command nslookup -type=mx This command will list the MX records of the gmail domain eg. Server:   Address:   Non-authoritative answer:    mail...

How to check that Outlook 2010 does not leave a Copy of the Mail on the Server


Open Microsoft Outlook 2010 Click on the File Tab and then on Account Settings Again click on Account Settings Click on the Email account on which you want to check it Click on Change Click on More Settings Click on the Advanced Tab Under the Delivery Section make sure the checkbox next to “Leave a copy of message on the server.” has been unchecked NOTE: Insure you connect via POP and...

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