Get Mail and Get All New Messages button not working in Thunderbird 13


When pressed nothing happens, and it does not check mails for multiple accounts. NOTE: Problem occurred on Thunderbird 13 installed on Fedora Core 15 Open Thunderbird Click on Edit->Account Settings Under each Mail Account click on Server Settings and then on the Advancedbutton Tick the checkbox next to Include this server when getting new mail Click OK Repeat the above steps for each mail...

How to setup your email account in Thunderbird 24


Steps: Login to to enable POP3 mail downloads Click on Settings and then More mail settings Select Connect devices and apps with POP Select Enable and click on SAVE Now open Thunderbird and select File->New->Existing Mail Account Fill in your Name, Email address and Password and click on Continue Set the following settings to the details below: INCOMING: POP3 Server hostname:...

Images not downloading in Microsoft Outlook 2013


What to do when opening mails in Outlook 2013 and there’s no option available to display images and the images just aren’t loading? Follow the steps below and all images will start loading again.   Step 1 Open Outlook 2013 and create a New Mail   Step 2 Click on File and then Options   Step 3 Select Mail and then Editor Options   Step 4 Select Advanced   Step...

How to add an HTML Signature to Microsoft Outlook 2010


Open Microsoft Outlook 2010 Click on File -> Options -> Mail -> Signatures Create a New signature and give it a name that can easily be identified later, leave all text blank Now while still having MS Outlook 2010 open, open Windows Explorer or Computer and navigate to C:\Users\YOURLOGINUSERNAME\AppData\Roamin\Microsoft\Signatures Note that this folder is a hidden folder so it might not...

How to get your Email password in Thunderbird


Click on Tools -> Options
Select the Security button
Click on the Passwords tab
Click the Saved Passwords… button
Search for your Email address
Click on the Show Passwords button
When prompted with a message “Are you sure you wish to show your passwords?” click on the Yes button
Your email password will now be revealed

Mail is disappearing in Mozilla Thunderbirds inbox


Follow these steps if some or all of your messages suddenly disappear in Mozilla Thunderbird 45.7.0

Right click on the folder where messages are disappearing and select Properties

Click on the Repair Folder and then on OK

All hidden mails should be visible again. If the mails are still not showing, troubleshoot the problem using the steps listed here.

Mozilla Thunderbird – Unable to write the email to the mailbox. Make sure the file system allows you write privileges, and you have enough disk space to copy the mailbox


Although there are many reasons why this error message might appear, one of the reasons is that the mail account giving the error shares the same inbox as another mail account. In this case it could most likely mean that the Message Store Type is different for each mail account. To check the message store type  click on Tools->Account Settings Then click on Server Settings under the specified...

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