How to add an HTML Signature to Microsoft Outlook 2010

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  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2010
  2. Click on File -> Options -> Mail -> Signatures
  3. Create a New signature and give it a name that can easily be identified later, leave all text blank
  4. Now while still having MS Outlook 2010 open, open Windows Explorer or Computer and navigate to C:\Users\YOURLOGINUSERNAME\AppData\Roamin\Microsoft\Signatures

    Note that this folder is a hidden folder so it might not be visible. You will need to enable the Show Hidden Folders options in Windows Explorer

  5. Within the Signatures folder open the file named as you named it in Step 3 with the HTML file extension in Notepad. E.g MySignature.html
  6. Copy your HTML Signature to this file and Save it
  7. Return to Microsoft Outlook 2010
  8. Under File -> Options -> Mail -> Signatures select your Signature and you will notice it’s formatted exactly like your HTML file

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

Last Updated On April 06, 2018

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