How to keep NUM LOCK on after reboot in Windows 8


Press WINDOWS KEY + R together, when the Run Window pops-up type in regedit and click on Run

In the Registry Edit windows that pops-up, navigate to HKEY_USERS->.DEFAULT->CONTROL PANEL->KEYBOARD and double click on InitialKeyboardIndicators on the right

Set the Value data value to 2 and click OK

Reboot your machine and the Num Lock should be on without turning it on mannually.

How to turn FAST STARTUP on or off in Windows 8


Open Control Panel Click on System and Security Click on Power Options On the left hand menu, click on Choose what the power buttons do Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable All options will become available, untick the tickbox next to Turn on fast startup (recommended) If Turn on fast startup (recommended) is unavailable, tick the tickbox next to Hibernate. and click on Save...

Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709) when trying to connect to a Network Printer. Windows 8.1


Open Devices and Printers Click on the Add Printer tab Select The printer that I want isn’t listed Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings Create a new port and set the type to Local Port and click on next Type the Printer location in the Port Name window and click ok Select Printer and Model and click on Next Give your printer a name and click on next Under Printer...

How to personalize Windows 7


Windows 7 can be Personalized changing the Themes, Desktop Background, Window Color, Sounds, Screen Savers, Desktop Icons and Mouse Pointers. To Personalize Windows 7 right click on the Desktop and select Personalize. Select the appropriate option to personalize: Themes – Change icons, backgrounds, menus and sound. Desktop Background – Choose or use your own colors and pictures. A...

Guide to Gadgets in Windows 7


Q: What are Gadgets in Windows 7? A: Gadgets put information, e.g fun, news, pictures on your Desktop. They are fun and useful.   Q: How do you add Gadgets? A: Right click on the Desktop and select Gadgets from the Menu. Double click on the Gadget you want on the Desktop   Q: How do you view Gadgets? A: Press Windows Key and G together   Q: How do you remove a Gadget from the...

How to enable Telnet in Windows Vista


By default Telnet is not enabled, if you type it in command prompt you’ll get the following error ‘telnet’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Follow the steps below in order to install Telnet. STEP 1 Click START->CONTROL PANEL->PROGRAMS AND FEATURES STEP 2 On the left hand site of the screen, click on TURN WINDOWS FEATURES ON OR OFF...

What’s the keyboard key combination (shortcut) to switch between applications in 3D on Vista


This will only work if you have some applications running. Method 1 Press WINDOWS KEY + TAB KEY together to switch between applications in 3D mode. In order to switch to the next application you will need to hold in the WINDOWS KEY and press the TAB KEY to switch to the next application. Method 2 Press the key combination CTRL+WINDOWS KEY+TAB together once in order to remain in the 3D application...

Windows Live Messenger gives ERROR 81000306 on Windows Vista


Follow the steps below in order to solve this error Click on Start Above the start button type in cmd If cmd.exe appears under Applications right click on it and select Run As Administrator Type in the following: {codecitation style=”brush: bash;”}netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled{/codecitation} Press enter Reboot your computer and Windows Live Messenger should work...

How to set the default Email client or any other default application in Windows Vista


It’s easier to select default programs for Windows Vista than Windows XP. Windows Vista includes by default a Default Programs option in the Start Menu. We will show you how to select your Default Email client, but any other default applications can be set exactly the same way.   Click on Start and then Default Programs Click on Set your default programs. This will be the first option...

How to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 in Windows Vista


To ensure that the removal process is successful we need to close all programs. Click on Start and then on Control Panel. Note: The start button will be the round circular button with the Windows logo on it at the left hand side of the screen Under the Programs Category on the left hand side of the Window click onUninstall a Program In the Task pane click on the View installed updates link. In...

How to open a CSV file that uses Pipe Delimiters in Microsoft Excel


CSV stands for comma separated file, sometimes we don’t want to use comma’s in a CSV file and decide to rather use a Pipe Delimiter | especially in cases where one of the columns contains a paragraph with comma’s in. Open Office provides us with a option to choose the Delimiter when opening CSV files, but MS Excel does not. But luckily theres a way around this. NOTE: This how-to...

How to check your PC specs using Windows XP


Click on START -> RUN and type in DXDIAG and click on OK
Now a screen will pop up asking you “Do you want to allow DxDiag to check if your drivers are digitally signed …” just click on NO
Now another screen will appear telling you all the details that you need to know about your Computer.

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