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How to install fonts in Windows 7

Click on START and then on CONTROL PANEL The CONTROL PANEL window will now be open, click on the FONTS item Copy your desired FONT to the fonts window once...

Mar 24 · 8 sec read >

How to get the System Information in Windows 7

NOTE: This will work in Vista as well To start the System Information/MSInfo Utility click on Start “Windows Logo”and then Run Type msinfo32.exe into the...

Mar 24 · 10 sec read >

How to personalize Windows 7

Windows 7 can be Personalized changing the Themes, Desktop Background, Window Color, Sounds, Screen Savers, Desktop Icons and Mouse Pointers. To Personalize Windows 7 right click on...

Mar 24 · 24 sec read >

How to Uninstall a program in Windows 7

Click on the START button Select CONTROL PANEL Under PROGRAMS click on UNINSTALL A PROGRAM Select the Program you wish to Uninstall and click on the Uninstall button on the Toolbar

Mar 24 · 6 sec read >

Guide to Gadgets in Windows 7

Q: What are Gadgets in Windows 7? A: Gadgets put information, e.g fun, news, pictures on your Desktop. They are...

Mar 24 · 36 sec read >

How to open the Calculator in Windows 7

This will also work in Windows Vista Click on Start In the Search Bar type Calc and press enter

Mar 24 · 4 sec read >

How to open Task Manager in Windows 7

Click on Start In the search box above the Start Button type in taskmgr and press enter. This will bring up the...

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