How to add a Command Prompt Here Shortcut when I right click on a folder in Windows XP


Open a Explorer Window (Window Explorer or any other window that contains folders eg. My Documents) Now click on Tools->Folder Options Now click on File Types and highlight the [NONE] Folder option Click on Advanced Click on New A New Action window will appear. In the Action input box type “Command Prompt” and in the Application used to perform action input box type in “cmd...

How to shutdown Windows XP via the Command Prompt


First we need to open the Command Prompt Press WINDOWS KEY+R together to open the Run window and type in the command below and hit OK to open Command Prompt. {codecitation type: bash}cmd{/codecitation} Or click on Start->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt to open the Command Prompt. Once the Command Prompt window has opened we can type in the ‘shutdown‘ command. The...

How to get the Full Task Manager back using Windows XP


The Task Manager has disappeared and I can only see the performance view, there are no other tabs visible, can only see a minimized version of the Task Manager.


Double click on the border of the minimized Task Manager, this will bring back the Full Task Manager.

If this does not work you could cycle through the Task Manager tabs by pressing CTRL+TAB continuously.

How to backup your data using Windows XP


Windows XP has it’s own built-in backup utility/tool that makes it easy for users to backup their data. Regular use is important to keep your data safe. Please follow the basic steps below to create a backup of most important documents and files. STEP 1 Press Start and select Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Backup   STEP 2 In the next screen click on Next STEP 3 Tick the...

How to delete a file when getting the error “Error Deleting File or Folder


The solution is to rename the file in a DOS readable format. Open Windows Explorer Locate the File Right click in the File and click on Rename Rename the file to a short name eg. file Open up Command Prompt by clicking on “START->PROGRAMS->ACCESSORIES->COMMAND PROMPT” Locate the file by using the DOS cd command eg.  cd directory Once in the directory of where the file is type...

How to remove a Linux partition from Windows XP and restoring the Master Boot Record


Open Control Panel Search for and open Administrative Tools Locate Computer Management and then Disk Management There will be a partition named Unknown Partition where the Linux Operating System has been installed Right Click on the partition and Delete Logical Drive After the Logical Drive has been deleted, format the deleted partition with the FAT32 filesystem so that Windows will recognize it...

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