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How to set the default Email client or any other default application in Windows Vista

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It’s easier to select default programs for Windows Vista than Windows XP. Windows Vista includes by default a Default Programs option in the Start Menu. We will show you how to select your Default Email client, but any other default applications can be set exactly the same way.


  1. Click on Start and then Default Programs

    Default Programs

  2. Click on Set your default programs. This will be the first option on the page

    Set your default programs

  3. Now a new window will open

    Set Default Programs

  4. On the left hand side of the screen select Microsoft Office Outlook or any other application that you wish to set as your default mail client.


  5. On the right hand side click on Set this program as default (By selecting this option the email client will be used to open all file types and protocols it can handle/open by default)

    Set this program as default

    Alternatively you can select Choose defaults for this program (This lets you choose which file types and protocols the selected program should open)

    Choose defaults for this program

    After clicking on Choose defaults for this program the following window will open that allows you to choose your default file types and protocols

    Set programs Associations

  6. Once done click on OK so that the changes could take effect.


Last Updated On March 24, 2018
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