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Category: Apple

How to shutdown a Mac

There are a couple of ways to Shutdown your Mac Press the Apple Key and then Shutdown Press Control+Eject together then choose Shutdown

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iPhone 4 does not want to switch on

Woke up one morning and my iPhone 4 was dead, I tried holding in the power button, charged the phone and nothing happened, did not even make a sound or showed the apple logo. Although the previous night the battery was still 77%...

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How to get Twitter Push Notifications on your IPhone?

Make sure you have the Twitter app installed and configured Click on Settings Select Notifications and ensure that the Notifications are switched on Select Twitter from the list and ensure that the Alerts are switched on Now...

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IPhone 4 battery drains to quickly

This I’ve noticed happened to my IPhone just after coming back from Holiday in another country. What I did while I was away is, I switched the Date and Time on the phone to set the Time Zone automatically. Soon after that...

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How to rename you iPhone

NOTE: This can only be done withing iTunes  ‘Tested in iTunes 10’ Answer: Open iTunes and plugin your iPhone  On the left hand side under DEVICES you will see your device, click on it to select it and then click on...

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