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Assigning Different Templates to Different Menu Items in Joomla! 2.5 not working

When you assign a Custom Template to a specific menu item using the Menu Style option when editing a menu item and its not working,...

Mar 24 · 16 sec read >

How to shutdown a Mac

There are a couple of ways to Shutdown your Mac Press the Apple Key and then Shutdown Press Control+Eject...

Mar 22 · 5 sec read >

iPhone 4 does not want to switch on

Woke up one morning and my iPhone 4 was dead, I tried holding in the power button, charged the...

Mar 22 · 32 sec read >

How to get Twitter Push Notifications on your IPhone?

Make sure you have the Twitter app installed and configured Click on Settings Select Notifications and ensure that the Notifications are switched on Select Twitter from...

Mar 22 · 9 sec read >

How to show the Battery percentage in iOS5

Go to Settings Then select General and then Usage Under Battery Usage turn on Battery Percentage

Mar 22 · 3 sec read >

IPhone 4 battery drains to quickly

This I’ve noticed happened to my IPhone just after coming back from Holiday in another country. What I did while I...

Mar 22 · 36 sec read >

How to remove the Album Art from all songs in a specific album simultaneously or from a selection of songs within iTunes 10

Open iTunes 10 On the left hand side select Music under Library Highlight all the songs within the Album that you wish to remove the Album Artfrom...

Mar 22 · 16 sec read >

How to manually delete music from your IPhone using iTunes

NOTE: This has been tested within iTunes 10   Connect your iPhone and open iTunes On the left side panel within iTunes under Devices select your iPhone and choose...

Mar 22 · 21 sec read >

How to rename you iPhone

NOTE: This can only be done withing iTunes  ‘Tested in iTunes 10’ Answer: Open iTunes and plugin your iPhone  On the left hand...

Mar 22 · 16 sec read >