Assigning Different Templates to Different Menu Items in Joomla! 2.5 not working


When you assign a Custom Template to a specific menu item using the Menu Style option when editing a menu item and its not working, then try the following steps to solve the problem: Turn off SEO in your Joomla! Configuration. If the Templates are changing after this change check to see if you have the SuperTable Plugin enabled. Disable the SuperTable Plugin Turn on SEO in your Joomla...

iPhone 4 does not want to switch on


Woke up one morning and my iPhone 4 was dead, I tried holding in the power button, charged the phone and nothing happened, did not even make a sound or showed the apple logo. Although the previous night the battery was still 77% charged, but the phone just was dead, luckily I managed to get it on again Answer: Hold the Power Button and the Home Button together for between 15 and 30 seconds, you...

IPhone 4 battery drains to quickly


This I’ve noticed happened to my IPhone just after coming back from Holiday in another country. What I did while I was away is, I switched the Date and Time on the phone to set the Time Zone automatically. Soon after that I’ve noticed that the battery life drains quickly from 90% to 10% in just a couple of hours. A couple of Days ago I’ve updated to iOS 5.1 so I’m sure...

How to remove the Album Art from all songs in a specific album simultaneously or from a selection of songs within iTunes 10


Open iTunes 10 On the left hand side select Music under Library Highlight all the songs within the Album that you wish to remove the Album Artfrom Right click on the song selection and select the first option GET INFO and click OK when iTunes asks you if you are sure that you want to edit multiple items click OK  Check the checkbox next to Artwork and click OK Now all artwork for the song...

How to manually delete music from your IPhone using iTunes


NOTE: This has been tested within iTunes 10   Connect your iPhone and open iTunes On the left side panel within iTunes under Devices select your iPhone and choose the Summary tab at the top Under Options tick Manually manage music and videos and click the Apply button On the left side panel under Devices expand the sub-menu’s for your device by pressing on the arrow and select Music...

How to rename you iPhone


NOTE: This can only be done withing iTunes  ‘Tested in iTunes 10’ Answer: Open iTunes and plugin your iPhone  On the left hand side under DEVICES you will see your device, click on it to select it and then click on it again to rename it, similar to renaming files and folders in Windows Give it your desired name and your iPhone will be renamed as soon as focus is on another area of the...

How to delete your songs one by one from your iPhone using iTunes


NOTE: This can only be done within iTunes  ‘Tested in iTunes 10’ Plugin your iPhone Open iTunes Under DEVICES click on your iPhone At the Top Menu select Summary On the open page under Options check the checkbox next to Manually manage music and videos On the right menu under DEVICES expand the iPhone device by clicking on the arrow and click once on Music A list of your songs will...

How to manually update your IPhone/iPad to iOS 6 using iTunes


What happens if you downloaded iOS 6 via iTunes and then after the download was complete you’ve receive an error that updating your iPhone failed? Luckily there’s a solution to update your iPhone/iPad manually using the iOS 6download file. Follow the steps below to install the iOS 6 download file manually STEP 1 Open iTunes and make sure your device is connected STEP 2 Click on...

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