iPhone 4 does not want to switch on


Woke up one morning and my iPhone 4 was dead, I tried holding in the power button, charged the phone and nothing happened, did not even make a sound or showed the apple logo. Although the previous night the battery was still 77% charged, but the phone just was dead, luckily I managed to get it on again Answer: Hold the Power Button and the Home Button together for between 15 and 30 seconds, you...

IPhone 4 battery drains to quickly


This I’ve noticed happened to my IPhone just after coming back from Holiday in another country. What I did while I was away is, I switched the Date and Time on the phone to set the Time Zone automatically. Soon after that I’ve noticed that the battery life drains quickly from 90% to 10% in just a couple of hours. A couple of Days ago I’ve updated to iOS 5.1 so I’m sure...

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