IPhone 4 battery drains to quickly

This I’ve noticed happened to my IPhone just after coming back from Holiday in another country. What I did while I was away is, I switched the Date and Time on the phone to set the Time Zone automatically. Soon after that I’ve noticed that the battery life drains quickly from 90% to 10% in just a couple of hours. A couple of Days ago I’ve updated to iOS 5.1 so I’m sure it’s a bug in iOS 5

After turning the feature off that automatically sets the Time Zone, my battery did not drain that quickly anymore although the entire draining issue is not solved it did help a bit.

To turn the feature off do the following

  1. Press Settings->General->Date & Time
  2. Flip Set Automatically from On to Off

Also do the following

  1. Press Settings->Location Services->System Services
  2. Flip the Setting Time Zone to off.

Once all is done drain your Battery up untill 3% and do a Full Cycle Recharge and turn the Phone off.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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