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Should you disable WordPress comments or not?


People disable comments from their website thinking that spammers or hackers will not target their sites. Well, it’s true that this form is always responsible for spam, but you should never think of removing it. Spam can be easily avoided with Akismet or its alternatives. Comments are an important section of a website. Without it, your blog would look hostile and naked. No one would...

Block referrer spam without plugin and Google Analytics filter


In the last few months, my Google Analytics account has started showing a lot of referrer spam sites like SexyAli, free-social-buttons, Semalt, etc. The spammers are screwing up my GA reports. I have some websites. Tho site with 1000s of visitors is not affected but for my new portals, the referrers are causing high bounce rate which makes the report data confusing. Some referrers seem to...

Track adsense clicks and invalid activity easily with these 2 tools


When you own an AdSense account, it’s up to you to safeguard it. Many accounts get banned every day because they take AdSense program lightly. There are two ways you can keep your account safe i.e., avoid clicking on your ads and report invalid activity to Google. The 1st method is easy to follow because you just have to install an ad blocker plugin on your browser. The browser...

Best Social bookmarking sites list : boost rankings of your website


Social bookmarking websites are important as they can bring tons of visitors to your blog. They will also increase your post’s ranking and visibility in search engines. There are two categories of bookmarking sites, i.e., nofollow and dofollow. Most do follow sites that allow you to share links are considered as spam by Google. Sites that link to such bookmarking portals are penalized, and...

Here’s the reason why you should not buy backlinks


You may have seen fiverr gigs in which people try to sell 1000s of backlinks for just 5 dollars. These people will use an automated tool to build links to authority sites. If they don’t have a software, people will drop links in dofollow forums, or they’ll use the guest posting technique for the same. When I had started my career as a blogger, I read many blog posts that suggested...

Must have best blogger widgets (2018)


Blogger might not be offering too many fancy and responsive templates as WordPress, but it is a powerful CMS. In WordPress directory, there are a lot of plugins but in blogger, there are a few but useful widgets. Thus if you’re a person who doesn’t like to explore and try out new things, Blogger is the best CMS as you just have to add your favorite widgets by navigating to the layout...

Tips to register a new profitable top level domain name


Registering a domain name is one of the most important activities of a person who wants to make an online career. But managing it and setting up a hosting service can be tricky. Name of a domain should be chosen wisely on the basis of below criteria. Keywords: A DN should have one or 2 keywords that will kelp users understand what your blog/site is all about. The keywords should not contain the...

5 smart ways to reduce blog bounce rate


In my perspective, bounce rate (BR) is one of the major search engine ranking signals for a blog. If it’s below 70, search engines like Bing, Google will love your site, and they’ll rank it higher than low-quality sites. If your site’s BR is high (above 90), it will rank low in search engines. If you’re an owner of such website, use the below strategies to reduce bounce...

How i increased blog traffic from search engines (Google & Bing)


A Blog’s income directly depends on the number of visitors your site gets from search engines. In AdSense terms and conditions, it is clearly stated that a user should avoid all fake methods of generating traffic. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have strict terms and conditions. My blog’s traffic was down several times but I never gave up. When I started with blogging, for the first...

Best blogs to read daily : Top Tech, Design, IT blogs in world


Our today’s article – 10 most popular blogs on the internet (2015) has been published to inspire you. As a blogger, you need inspiration. Many times, you may not be satisfied with your online career and you may think to quit blogging. I won’t recommend you to do this as many months of your hard work will go in vain. Just go through the content published on the most popular blogs...

How to start a blog: A Free Guide for beginners (2018)


If you want to start a blog, through the below points as we have shared a detailed guide for creating a new blog. Step-by-step guide for starting a blog 1) Choose a Niche Niche is nothing but a topic on which you’ll blog on. Spend few hours in writing 2 or 3 some niche ideas on a paper and think hard on your favorite topic. Some topics that you can shortlist for your new blog is technology...

Best Blogging Platform : Blogger vs WordPress Comparision


WordPress and Blogger are 2 of the most popular blogging platforms/content management systems of all time. They are free to use. These 2 platforms are so powerful that users can build/launch a new website within a couple of minutes. As a newbie, I used Blogger platform as I didn’t want to risk my money in an adventure that I’ve never been a part of before. After 5 – 6 months, I...

Social Media Examiner: The Online Magazine for Social Media Tips


The transformation from the blogging era has already begun, as more and more people are learning how to start up their own online press. Now dubbed by many as online magazines, running your own personal blog isn’t hard these days. Finding writers and getting a design together is the hardest part, and once you’re set you can jump right in to launch your magazine venture!

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