Review of Anthony Feint’s E-book Flipped – Guide to Flipping Websites for Profit


I have been reading Anthony Feint’s blog at for a long time now. He shares some amazing motivational posts about getting into the real world of internet marketing, and also provides tips and tricks about how to substantially grow your website and keep motivated.. really it’s more of an inspirational blog than anything else.

I found his book “Flipped: The Complete Guide to Flipping Blogs for Profit” a few months back. I had it in my mind to give it a quick read, but never actually got around to it. However I’ve checked out everything the book offers, and to be completely honest at a modest price of $14 you get a lot with it. You can check out the book here(not an affiliate link) to get some further info about the series.

In general terms, Anthony is out to help people who want to work for themselves. Blogging is a hot commodity these days, everybody is doing it and some of the more intelligent ones are actually earning money from it. It leaves room for extremely high growth and a sturdy business model which everyone is looking for, but some just don’t understand how the internet works and don’t know where to begin.

Benefits for Bloggers and Web Designers

The strongest point of his 42-paged e-book is just how clear and easy the directions are. There is no final solution that everybody can follow, it does require a little creativity when getting into the world of blogging. But how Anthony outlines each step along the way and gives detailed instructions to follow, almost anybody could get a blog up and running with published posts in just a few days.

The book discusses everything you’ll need to know to start flipping blogs. Discussing technical details of WordPress installation and themes, along with branding, writing tips, and even internet marketing discussions as to how you’ll build up your blog. And finally, of course, the best marketplaces and secret insider tips as to where you can flip your site for a decent profit.

Not only do you get his e-book, but he also gives you a set of logos to work with so you can customize your own site’s look AND a 10-day plan to follow. This is for those of you who know what you want to do, but just aren’t good at planning and figuring out what to do each step of the way. His 10-step process works perfectly, and I guarantee if you follow each step to the bone every day you’ll start to see some serious results.

Overall the series is huge. I am not recommending the e-book because I’m trying to make money through affiliate sales (I haven’t linked any affils at all in this post), but more because I know of Anthony’s work and I’ve read the e-book cover to cover. His tips are perfect for those wanting to get into blogging for profit but just don’t know where to start. Check out the details (link again) for the book and see what you think.

Of course, anybody who has read the book or gone through steps of flipping blogs and has anything to say about the book should leave a comment on this article. I’d be interested in hearing what others think of the steps, or if you have any questions I’d be happy to hear them!

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