Here’s the reason why you should not buy backlinks


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You may have seen fiverr gigs in which people try to sell 1000s of backlinks for just 5 dollars. These people will use an automated tool to build links to authority sites. If they don’t have a software, people will drop links in dofollow forums, or they’ll use the guest posting technique for the same. When I had started my career as a blogger, I read many blog posts that suggested newbies to build backlinks for getting traffic to my website. I followed this strategy for a while, and after Google algorithm penalized my blog, I had to delete more than 50 articles (with 500+ words) that were linked to dofollow blogs. Backlinks are now considered harmful. You should not buy backlinks or build them because of these two reasons:

Backlinks can kill your blog

Many webmasters think blog commenting as a link building strategy. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work anymore. If you drop a comment on a post published on WordPress CMS, along with the backlink, several other links will point to your article, and it will look unnatural for a powerful search engine like Google. The Google Penguin algorithm will knock down your site in the next algorithm update. For those who are not aware, this is a robust algorithm that scans every website in Google’s index to find unnatural link patterns. When it finds suspicious activity, the algorithm will lower the rankings of all pages/posts of your blog when Google refreshes it.

In severe cases, a Google engineer will review your site, and he might impose a manual action penalty. To be honest, Google algorithms are webmaster’s worst nightmare. If your blog has been penalized, you’ll loose your online income. Moreover, Google will not like your site. It will reduce the crawl rate. Thus your latest blog posts will not be indexed on time.

don't buy backlinks

They waste your time

As unnatural backlinks are not useful anymore, you’ll be probably spending your time in searching for dofollow blogs and websites.

What should you focus on?

If your blog post is excellent, authority sites will link to your article and backlink from high DA/PA site will do wonders for your site. People would share your post on Facebook, Google Plus, and another popular web 2.0 sites. Thus your focus should be on writing high-quality articles that have profitable LSI keywords.

Conclusion: Don’t buy backlinks! Improve your writing skills (If you’re good at it, publish in-depth and complete articles). If you’ve already committed this mistake, find unnatural links to your site and use the disavow tool from Google to keep your blog safe from Penguin algorithm.

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