How to resume CUPS printer in Linux via the Command Line

  1. Find the printer to resume
    lpstat -p
  2. After entering the command above you should see a similar message as below
    printer HP_LaserJet_P2015 disabled since Wed 25 Sep 2013 09:35:59 AM SAST -
            /usr/lib/cups/backend/hp failed
    printer HP_LaserJet_P2015_Series is idle.  enabled since Wed 05 Dec 2012 08:16:07 PM SAST
  3. Enable the printer, replace printer name with your printer
    cupsenable HP_LaserJet_P2015
  4. To verify if the printer has been enabled enter the lpstat -p command again
    lpstat -p

    Now you should see similar message as below indicating that the printer has been enabled

    printer HP_LaserJet_P2015 now printing HP_LaserJet_P2015-367.  enabled since Wed 25 Sep 2013 09:42:09 AM SAST

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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hp printer offline
hp printer offline
10 months ago

Thanks for sharing a useful command!!!!

Hp Printer Error 79
Hp Printer Error 79
2 months ago

You can resolve these kinds of the issue on your own, with the help of blogs. Just go through the post which I posted on my website. Thanks for this. I really like what you’ve posted here and wished you the best of luck with this blog!

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