How to SCP copy to and from a remote…

To copy to a server (replacing with the IP address) scp -i ~/.ssh/your-private-key.pem /source/file/location [email protected]:/target/file/location To copy from a server to your local...
Ian Carnaghan
9 sec read

Amarok loops threw all items in playlist when trying…

When adding new items to Amarok in Ubuntu 9.04 the items do not want to play and Amarok only loops threw the whole playlist and no...
Ian Carnaghan
21 sec read

How to get information on your CPU using Linux

NOTE: This has been tested and tried on Ubuntu 9.04 and should work on other distributions. In the command line interface (CLI) type in...
Ian Carnaghan
42 sec read

Tasktar in Ubuntu disappeared (Gnome Panel)

What to do if your taskbar (GNOME Panel) disappeared in Ubuntu and you need to get it back, in our case we installed updates...
Ian Carnaghan
20 sec read

Top Gnome panel disappeared in Ubuntu

How to add the Top Panel again when it has disappeared in Ubuntu Solution: Right click the bottom panel, then add a new panel...
Ian Carnaghan
6 sec read

How to download a file using the Command Line

If you need to download a file via the command line of Linux (eg. If you are logged in via SSH and need to...
Ian Carnaghan
53 sec read

How to create a symbolic link in Linux

What is a symbolic link? A symbolic link is a special file that points to another file on the system. When you access one...
Ian Carnaghan
33 sec read

Wireless network problems with DELL Vostro running Ubuntu

Problem: Can’t connect to wireless network using Ubuntu together with Dell Vostro notebook or wireless light is not burning or any other wireless connectivity problems...
Ian Carnaghan
14 sec read

How to install Right click open in terminal Ubutu

I’m using Ubuntu 9.04 and needed to have the RIGHT CLICK OPEN IN TERMINAL option enabled. eg. If you need to work in the desktop directory via the terminal...
Ian Carnaghan
19 sec read