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How to install new brushes in Photoshop CS4

NOTE: This has been done and tested in Photoshop CS4 installed on Windows Vista Business Download your new set of brushes and copy the abr file eg. brushes.abr to the following...
Ian Carnaghan
23 sec read

How to push a local GIT repository to Bitbucket

Launch Bitbucket Click on Repositary -> Create Repository Enter your Repository name Set the access level to This is a private repository Set Repository type to GIT Click on Create Repository Using GIT on...
Ian Carnaghan
18 sec read

How to search within a website using Google

If you would like to find something specific within a website use the example below, in the example below we are looking for the...
Ian Carnaghan
9 sec read

How to copy Google AdWords campaigns from one account…

This can be done using the Google AdWords Editor. The first step is to download and install the Google AdWords Editor. Download by clicking here. Once installed...
Ian Carnaghan
1 min read

How to insert a border in MS Word

Open MS Word Click on Format and then on Borders and Shading… Then click on the Page Border tab Select your Border options and click on OK
Ian Carnaghan
5 sec read

How to center a Headline/Title in the middle of…

Open Microsoft Word Click on File and the on Page Setup… Click on the Layout tab Under the Page section set the Vertical Alignment to Center
Ian Carnaghan
5 sec read

How to convert words/paragraphs to uppercase in MS Word

Highlight the word or paragraph that you need to convert to Capitals/Uppercase Click on the menu Format and then on Font A new Window will appear with the Font tab open Under...
Ian Carnaghan
12 sec read

How to turn off Automatic Spelling and Grammer checking…

Click the File tab and then click on Options Click on Proofing Clear the following checkboxes, uncheck them Check spelling as you type Mark grammer as you type Click...
Ian Carnaghan
7 sec read

Outlook data file cannot be accessed (error 8004010F)

Error: Outlook data file cannot be accessed (error 8004010F) in Outlook 2010 when Sending and Receiving Emails. Solution: Click on File->Info->Account Settings Under the E-Mail tab click on your E-Mail Account...
Ian Carnaghan
14 sec read