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How to insert a border in MS Word

Open MS Word Click on Format and then on Borders and Shading… Then click on the Page Border tab Select your Border options and click...

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How to center a Headline/Title in the middle of a page in Word

Open Microsoft Word Click on File and the on Page Setup… Click on the Layout tab Under the Page section set the Vertical Alignment to Center

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How to convert words/paragraphs to uppercase in MS Word

Highlight the word or paragraph that you need to convert to Capitals/Uppercase Click on the menu Format and then on Font A new Window will...

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How to turn off Automatic Spelling and Grammer checking in MS Office 2010

Click the File tab and then click on Options Click on Proofing Clear the following checkboxes, uncheck them Check spelling as you type Mark...

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Outlook data file cannot be accessed (error 8004010F)

Error: Outlook data file cannot be accessed (error 8004010F) in Outlook 2010 when Sending and Receiving Emails. Solution: Click on File->Info->Account Settings Under the E-Mail tab...

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How to Disable Auto Capitalization in Microsoft OneNote

Please note that these steps represent Microsoft OneNote 2013   Open Microsoft OneNote Click on File -> Options Click on Proofing Click on AutoCorrect...

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How to delete duplicate rows in Excel 2013

Select the range of cells in which to delete duplicates. Click on the Data tab and then on Remove Duplicates under the Data Tools section...

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Keyboard shortcut to Insert new rows in Excel 2013

Open Microsoft Excel 2013 Click on the Row Line Number on the left margin Press Ctrl + Shift + +  (Ctrl+Shift+Plus Sign) together and Excel will...

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How to save a single worksheet to a new Excel file

Right click on the Excel worksheet you wish to copy to a new Excel file. Select Move or Copy Tick...

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