How to copy Google AdWords campaigns from one account to another

  1. This can be done using the Google AdWords Editor. The first step is to download and install the Google AdWords Editor. Download by clicking here.
  2. Once installed run the Google AdWords Editor application.
  3. Once opened, click on the Account top menu item and then Open

  4. Right click on the selected account and click on Open

    NOTEYou might first need to sign in to your Google AdWords account via the Google Adwords Editor

  5. A confirmation window will popup. Here you are able to select which campaigns to download. Make your selection and click on OK.

  6. The accounts campaigns will download. Wait until complete.
  7. Once the downloading has completed, right click on the campaign/s you wish to copy and select either Copy or Copy shellCopy copies the campaign and it’s contents, while Copy Shell only copies the campaigns settings.

  8. Now select the account where to copy the campaign/s to. To do this click on the Account top menu item and then on Open.
  9. Select the Account which you want to copy the campaign/s to, right click and select open.

  10. A confirmation window will popup prompting you once again to download the accounts campaigns. Make your selection and click on OK.
  11. The account will open showing all downloaded campaigns.
  12. Right click anywhere in the campaigns section and select Paste. This will copy your selected campaigns to your selected account.

  13. Once copied you will need to Post all changes to your AdWords Live account. To do this select the Account menu item and select Post changes. This will prompt you with a confirmation window. Only once posted will your campaigns be copied over.


Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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