Facebook Introduces a Brand New, Sleek Home Design


A few days ago Facebook released their newest design. Nothing has changed on personal profile pages, but when you log into your account you should see some major changes to how everything is layed out. This came as a shock to me when I logged in to check my status for the first time earlier today – a brand new look!

The friendly staff over at FB have covered these updates in a blog post. There aren’t many new features, and the design is actually a lot easier to use than the previous one.

So what’s really different?

The new home page screen looks almost nothing like the old Facebook page – and it’s so much easier to navigate! You have a whole new menu off to your left side – this includes popular links for your apps, photos etc. It also shows a collection of some of your online friends – handy so you don’t need to move over to your chat window all the time!

Updates are still in the upper-right hand corner, but they’re more structured and easier to work around in this newest theme. FB has gone above and beyond to customize the menu items at the top as well. This makes editing your privacy settings, personal settings, and all other account-related things a snap.

The classic news feed is still right in the middle – nothing new there. Overall the whole design just works perfectly. You don’t need to just take my word, though. If you have a Facebook account, try logging in and checking out the changes for yourself.

Jake Rocheleau's New Facebook Homepage

I’m very happy with the updates. Below is a screen of my new homepage on Facebook. It’s a great little feature, and I will be sure to play around with some of the menus for hours.

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